The Paint Brushes Strike Back!

It’s been awhile since we’ve tackled a good old fashioned paint job (we had to look through our archives, but it’s been four months!) and we still have the following virgin territories that have been touched by nary a paint brush: master bath, the guest room, the Room of Requirement, and the guest bath.  We could sense the paint brushes were beginning to stage a revolt a la Rebel-Alliance-meets-Death-Star if we didn’t at least put them to good use!  We couldn’t let that happen because, unlike the Galactic Empire, we just don’t have extra Death Stars lying around for the taking.  So what to do?  Well, let’s talk about the contenders first before we spill the beans.

Master Bathroom – Ugh!  Could there be a more boring room in this house?  It’s actually so boring that I’ve never photographed it for the blog before (and I don’t think I’m going to start now)!  It briefly made an appearance in this Before & After Bliss from a few months ago when we spray painted all of our knobs to an oil-rubbed bronze finish to glam them up ever so slightly.    The walls are dirty and dingy, so they definitely could use a good ol’ coat of paint.  Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem.  We have grody mold in our shower, all of the marble tiles are in a similar state as our kitchen granite tiles, which is to say that they were never sealed, so years of moisture, cleaning and bathroom “products” have dulled the surface to an irreparable state.  We are lacking light in most of the room, and there is a lack of storage overall.  Obviously, the issues in this room run deeper than what a coat of paint can fix!  Therefore, this room is slated for a major makeover probably sometime in 2011, depending upon how much $$ we can save up in between now and then…stay tuned 😉

The Room of Requirement – Hitting a road block!

Boy, do we love this room now that we have added storage functionality to it!  We assembled some Ikea bookcases back in December to finally have a home for all of our beloved books and trinkets and allow us to actually use this room for something other than a “toss-all” for odds and ends (and multiple Aero-Beds).  And since we have purchased a larger television for our Family Room, we’ve actually moved the old TV into this room along with all of our video game paraphernalia and it’s turning into quite a mini Media Room!  However, it desperately needs a paint job from all of the old nail holes, drywall pops, and our desperate attempt to patch up those areas.  We also need to bring in a daybed, liven up those bookcases, build a storage unit for the TV/media, and generally make this a fun place to hang out (a man pit, if ya will).  A paint job is brewing, but the color inspiration just isn’t there!  This contender is moving to the bottom of the pile (well, above the master bath, but below the following contenders).

The Guest Room – Finally we have a Guest Room with furniture and stuff on the walls!

We spent some time back in December livening up this room a wee bit so that it didn’t feel so prison-like!  It’s really paid off and we really love this room and are happy that our guests seem to love it, too!  However, there are a few problems.  Naturally, the walls need to be painted and the carpet needs to be replaced (as does most of the carpet in our house, come to think of it).  We think that this room was the “Smoking Room” for the previous owners and so this room has a stench to it that just isn’t found any other place in the house.  Painting will probably help about 20% of that smell and the rest will come from the carpet.  We also have plans to hang beadboard and a large piece of ledge molding in this room to really take it to the next level.  But since we need to wait until Payday for that one (and we can’t decide on a color scheme), this room isn’t the best candidate to paint right now…

The Guest Bathroom – Yet another contender!

Here’s a room that we hardly use that is shaping up to be a serious contender for a makeover.  First off, the room does desperately need a paint job, but it’s also in relatively good shape and could do with a pretty cheap facelift – think of it as Botox for DIY-ers.  We already have a good color scheme to work off of (following the guidance of our shower curtain), accessories, and a good idea of what can be done on-the-cheap without a ton of work or $$$.  So do we have a winner???  DING, DING, DING!!!!  Lucky for you that we have already started this little makeover and will update accordingly throughout the process.  Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “The Paint Brushes Strike Back!

  1. Just an FYI for your guest bedroom. You said it smelled like smoke – they sell these little pouches of ‘perfume’ for paint. Since smoke does really get into the walls this liquid ‘perfume’ is suppose to be cover up any smoke smell and slowly release a pleasant air freshener smell. It’s worth the dry 🙂 And maybe get a deep cleaner for the carpet 🙂

  2. L & J – Do you remember when you helped me prime/paint the cupboard in our guest bathroom? That was Kilz. It is made specifically for stains and smells. And it did work. I will have to look and see if it was a particular type of Kilz, but I would look into that. It kind of doubles your workload b/c you would have to prime it first (maybe even a couple of times) and then paint, but it would get rid of the smell. And the carpet will help immensly. But don’t kid yourself, the walls and ceiling hold a lot of odor. Might even want to consider re-painting the ceiling (I know, could I double your workload anymore?). But you would probably be able to tell if there is significant smoke damage on the ceiling just by taking a look at it. The other thing about your paint color….might want to think long term (unless you love to paint) I’m thinking potential nursery down the road (yes I know a long way down the road….not trying to drop hints). If you are a gender nuetral person, that may be something you might want to consider in color now….or at least something you could work with later. Or if you just LOVE to paint, then you can have fun with your color now and paint it something different if it comes to that. Just my 2 cents. I’ll stop adding to your list;-)

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