Before & After Bliss: A Powder Room Glam-i-fied!

So I was debating what my first post-turkey-day-coma writeup was going to be, but I decided that since we finally painted our powder room two weekends ago and *still* haven’t written about it, it was time to spill the beans!!

So I’ve been dreaming about painting a powder room for awhile, mostly because I have never painted one, can you believe that?!  I consider a powder room to be a no-holds barred space where you can do just about anything crazy and nobody will bat an eye.  It’s small enough not to be taken seriously, but consequential enough to really stretch your design mojo and have it be a showpiece! Anything goes!  However, I will say that the bathroom is probably only about 40% done at this juncture.  We have plans to *really* glam it up, but those projects are going to have to wait until after the New Year for now.

So here is a pretty pathetic before:

The winterized/foreclosed bathroom

Again, before we moved in. We were blessed with a lovely pedestal sink, but little else!

….and here is our first “risky” color in the house:

Add a little bit 'o chocolate...

...a dash of copper...

...and a punch o' glam = velvety goodness!

Now, truth be told, we are only about at 40% of where we want to be.  Some of our other plans include changing out the baseboards, a tone-on-tone paint treatment (still TBD), changing out the hardware to something similar to this:

…changing out the light fixtures and other hardware to match, as well as really taking it up a notch with some sort of chandelier….whooooo….did she say chandelier?!?  In a bathroom?  Yea, baby!!  I want glam, glam, glam.  But I want to do it on a dime.  And what is my inspiration?  Something akin to this masculine looking ‘loo, courtesy of Lonny Magazine Online:

Isn’t it dee-lish?!  Obviously, this example is quite a bit more masculine/modern and we’re going with something that is a little bit more glam/vintage, but it really got us thinking about the possibilities.  And that pinstripe?  Oh, we’re considering it!  Although a tone-on-tone stencil would be great, too!  We are still undecided.  But for now, we’re just happy that yet another painting project has been crossed off “the list”.

I will be adding this project to The Nickel Tour as soon as I am home during the daylight hours and am able to take photos of this jewel-box room without a flash.  It’s official, I am a photography snob!  Stay tuned for a post on how I picked out this color!


5 thoughts on “Before & After Bliss: A Powder Room Glam-i-fied!

  1. I did that same color in my condo in BTR & it is fabulous!!! I got so many comments on how the color turned out & what’s great is that you can match so many other colors with it!!! I am loving the glam-glam bathroom!!! You never cease to amaze me J&L!! So, when are you coming to redo my place?!!

  2. Yea, I was kind of hoping that the color wouldn’t be “inspirational” if ya know what I mean, but I guess it’s not a bad place to find said inspiration ;-).

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