Out with the old, in with the blue…

With our latest master bedroom construction project, you’d think that we have total decor overhaul on the brains!  You’d have guessed right because we actually do, but since our bank account wouldn’t approve of buying new furniture, new bedding, or any of the other myriad other items needed in a bedroom, we needed a cheaper alternative.  So we decided to just do a quick switch-a-roo of some of our accessories!  It’s a classic designer trick and considering how many colorful accessories we have in our master bedroom, we figured this would be a pretty simple thing to do!  Besides, I’ve been on a kick as of late to remove all traces of red from my decor diet as it’s starting to feel a bit like a turkey sandwich two weeks after Thanksgiving – SOO over it!  So I took some inspiration from my favorite Pacific Northwest weed flower and decided on Hydrangea Blue:

So here is a little before picture to remind you of what we had in store.  Our accent color was handpicked by me back in 2004 before I even moved out of my parents house!  At the time, it seemed like all of my favorite decor mags and stores couldn’t get enough of Cranberry Red.  It was everywhere!  Rugs, lampshades, candles, paint, blankets, pillows, etc, etc.  So I took the “rule of three” to heart and tried to incorporate as much red into my space as possible.

“The rule of three” basically states that if you are going for an accent color in your room, the color should be repeated at LEAST three times.  And, better yet, if you’re not certain *what* your accent color is, look at the color you have repeated most often in your room (sometimes we do it unknowingly) and *that’s* your accent color!  I think I got it down pat on this one: red candles, red pillows, red lampshades, red flowers…I’d say I am channeling Pottery Barn 2004 right now about ;-).  So let’s make a quick switch-a-roo to my new hydrangea blue/white and see what happens:

Much brighter, no?  We switched out the pillow covers, the lampshades (now a very creamy white color), the candles are all either blue or white now, and we even updated my red hydrangeas with blue, which is actually a more “traditional” hydrangea color.  It feels springy, fresh and mod, which is just soothing!  Blue is just a soothing color overall, which is why it makes a perfect color for a bedroom.  Blue can actually slow pulse rates, lower body temperature, and reduce appetites!  Not exactly a good combination for a dining room, but a perfect pairing for a bedroom.

And what about those lampshades?!  The previous ones were a more antique-y square tulip shape which always kind of reminded me of lampshades from the Victorian era – which has its charm, but it was starting to feel very out of place with the fresher contemporary designs we’ve been sporting lately.  So I went with a more modern and contemporary drum shape instead, which is instantly updated.  Plus, the red silk really darkened the space up, which was great for setting the mood, but not so great when you were trying to read, so the fresh and crisp white linen is much brighter and fresher in the space.  Plus, it’s not so color specific that it can’t be transferred to other rooms in the house.

Now I know it’s not a major room renovation or anything like that, but it’s truly amazing what a difference just a few choice changes can make in a space and I didn’t even change out the bedding!  Maybe next year….


4 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the blue…

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