Bathroom? What bathroom?!

We’ve been busting @$$ on our bathroom now for 3 months and I’ve been so busy with bathroom-ing, working and hosting out-of-towners (7 out of the previous 10 weeks – and people wonder why we have a dedicated guest room??) that I honestly have completely forgotten to update you on some of the other things we’ve been working on.  See, when I got frustrated or overwhelmed with the bathroom (which still isn’t completely finished – yet), I’d focus on other things like, say, the dining room, the Room of Requirement or our Living Room.  In most cases, they weren’t massive changes, but I thought now would be a good time to update the Nickel Tour page with more up-to-date pics.  Since I actually don’t have paint, caulk, grout or thinset stuck in my hair now is a good time to actually clean up the house a bit and take some pics!

Living Room

One of our big changes in this room actually happened last fall and was F-R-E-E.  But we’ve made one other major change in here which really brought it all together.  Basically we a) changed around the furniture layout (FREE) and b) bought a rug from Pottery Barn for a super duper clearance!  I bought the rug back in March sometime and told you all about it here, but then that pesky bathroom kept getting in the way of my reporting and blogging!  It has a nice big pattern and is loop pile (almost feels like berber), which means stains, footprints, etc all kind of vanish – meaning, when you spill red wine….which never happens around here….it’s not such a big deal to clean it up!  Not that I’m inviting your lush-ass to my house to spill red wine.  Don’t get your hopes up.  We don’t live in THAT kind of house.  Actually, I don’t let red wine drinkers in the family room.  White wine?  Hit it up!  Beer!  Belly up!  Red wine and spaghetti sauce?  Get your ass in the dining room where you belong.

Our new rug!

We’re still playing around with furniture layout in this room.  But this is what we’ve settled on for now.

The room is such an odd shape and then I have this ridiculously long wall here that just confuses me with what to do with it.  I’ve never been happy with this wall of mirrors – it was just a cheap solution until we could afford something grander/larger:

Oh, how I can't stand super long walls!! The possibilities are endless!

I’ve thought about doing something similar to our upstairs landing like so…

Check out the photo collage on the right

….but I can’t really decide.  Oh, and then there’s that pesky bathroom that keeps getting in the way (link to pesky bathroom).  Sooner or later I’ll get around to switching it up.  Or I might not….that’s how we roll around here people.  But back to the family room – do you notice how light and pretty the family room is?  And then the kitchen in the background just kind of sucks the life out of the rest of the room?

Urg….how I would love to have a white kitchen.  No, really….a white kitchen!  Cream…don’t care…anything but what we have…

The Front Door

Ok, don’t get me started on our front door.  Before we moved in, the previous owners kicked in the door, so the outside (and inside) is just in crap shape.  Add to it the fact that we still haven’t changed out the brassy sherriff’s locks and our whole door is really ready for a makeover, which we’d love to tackle sometime this summer if we have time.  But in order for us to do that, we need to take the door down, sand it down, do some repair work and then put it back up.  But as lovely as it sounds to have no front door for a few days while we’re working on the door, we thought a better alternative would be to get a storm door and call it a day:

I took this picture forEVER ago - look at how cloudy it is...

…of course it also serves a functional purpose once the door is refinished and pretty, which is to say that it will protect the door from water damage and warping down the line.  Oh, and it gives Maggie something fun to look out of :-).  It’s like her personal TV set.

Room of Requirement

You’ve seen the pics from awhile ago, but we still didn’t have an end table, we hadn’t hung artwork and we still had our old ginormous TV.  So here are the FINAL pics to our makeover.

…and I must say, I LOVE this room!  It’s so much fun to hang out in.  We play the husband plays a lot of video games up here (especially lately since Portal 2 came out – yum!).  And even though we don’t have Cable up here, we do have access to our XBox live account, which is attached to our TV downstairs, so if we want to watch recorded cable shows, we can easily do that up here.  We’ve even had a few four person sessions of Rock Band and I’m so glad we got the two green ottoman stools because we can just move those around the room for the drummer and the singer.  It’s awesome!  And although we haven’t yet needed to use it as a sleeper, we likely will at some point in time, so it’s so great that we have an extra sleeping space when we need it, a reading room AND a fun media room.

So there ya have it!  A couple of updates on some rooms (and not rooms).  These are the projects we’ve been tackling behind-the-scenes since the bathroom has essentially taken over our lives!  But it finally feels like the end is near when it comes to the bathroom (oh, it’s still not completely done, m’friends!), but now that it’s completely functional, we feel like the “urgency” aspect has kind of been removed thank goodness!


Ahoy, me mateys – Part 2

Slowly but surely, I’ve been working on our lovely pirate chest.  You remember it, don’t you?

….I said slowly but surely….and boy, do I mean slow!!  It’s literally the slowest project we’ve tackled to date (the bathroom is kind of getting most of our attention these days).  A few weekends back (when Dr. J’s dad was in town) I had some free time (between beer runs and cleaning binges) to tackle little pieces of it.  Here’s what I’ve tackle so far (over the past six weeks or so):

  • Removed all of the wallpaper from the inside of the trunk…

  • Realized the wallpaper hid some pretty significant holes in the canvas so removed all of the inside canvas as well.  It was mildewy anyway and kind of ugly, so I figured a clean slate was where it was at.  The best part of the removal??  When I pulled up the canvas, I smelled the wonderful deliciousness that is Cedar….oh, yes,  this trunk is 100% cedar!!!  Hallelujia!  They don’t make ’em like the used to…

  • Spent the better part of an afternoon sanding down the old glue, cleaning it, sanding it, and trying to give myself as much of a clean slate as possible.
  • Fixed some of the old hinges that weren’t much use to anyone anymore – they used nails to hold’er in place whereas nowadays they’d use screws, so that’s what we did.  We also epoxied the old nails on the inside, hammered them back in, and epoxied the tops so those buggers aren’t going anywhere…
  • Then it was onto sealing those big gaps between cedar planks.  I used good ol’ fashioned wood filler and let it dry and cure overnight.

  • On the outside, I took Mod Podge (which is essentially a REALLY strong version of Elmer’s glue) and glued down the holes in the exterior canvas and and other “tears” that I thought might be a problem later on.  Fortunately it dries clear, so it’s perfect for this type of application…

Hole in exterior canvas before

After the Mod Podge was applied and before it dried...

  • Then I took a spray polyurethane and completely sealed the outside after the Mod Podge was dry so everything will be nice and “frozen” in the tattered state it’s in.  At least….that’s the theory anyway.

As of today, we’ve moved it inside for the very first time and are using it as a much-needed coffee table in our Room of Requirement.

So that’s been six weeks of work.  Really, if I’d had a full weekend to tackle it, I probably could’ve gotten the whole thing done lickety split.  I still have the interior to finish up, which involves more Mod Podge and installing some child safety hinges and then it should be all ready for us to use for blanket storage and gaming paraphernalia.  Likey??  So far so good!!  Oh, and because everybody loves before and afters, take a look at this:

Trunk Before

Trunk after - looks a little shinier, eh?

Not bad for a forty dollar investment!

Room of Requirement Progress….it’s getting there….

It’s not finished….but the BIG things are finished, namely the painting, crown molding and trim work to jazz up the cheap Billy Bookcases.  Yes, we took $60 bookcases and put crown molding on them (well, actually just really chunky chair rail because it’s easier to work with) and they look so much more custom and built-in and expensive.  Adding the doors and accessorizing them “monochromatically” also helps!  Ah hell, pictures are better!  Just sit back and soak it in..

All right, I just gave you a whole bunch of data without writing anything but I’d imagine one of the first things you’re thinking is, “What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks have you done behind that couch?!”  That’d be a cityscape and, yes, we painted that – it’s not a stick on or anything like that and we did it with….drumroll please….painter’s tape!!!  Just like our stripe routine in the laundry room from long ago (you can read about how we painted stripes in our laundry room by clicking here and take a peek at what it looks like now by clicking here):

And honestly, it was actually much simpler because we didn’t need to worry about being completely straight or level (which is pretty obvious when you’re standing in the room – haha!).  Here’s how the room was looking when we were taping the wall out:

The only “building” we really tried to copy was the Sears Tower (which is backwards and it’s not called that anymore, but don’t tell anybody – oops!).  Outside of that the composition was very random and we kind of like the haphazard approach to it – doesn’t seem too perfect or imperfect.  We actually used “Frog Tape” for this because we’ve heard wondrous things about it.  To be honest, I was kind of skeptical because we have textured walls in our house and we did the Laundry Room (above) with regular ol’ blue painter’s tape and a coat of glaze and had no issues.  But everybody *says* it’s the best, so we figured we’d give it a try.  Let me just take a little detour and tell you about Green Painter’s Tape:

  • Supposedly it has moisture lock out technology – kind of like diapers.  Once you paint over it, it supposedly “seals” to the wall with no worries.
  • If you’re doing something like what we did above, first you paint your base coat, wait for it to dry about 48 hours, hang your tape, then paint the same base coat color over the painter’s tape – this adheres it to the wall.
  • Then you paint your other color over top of that (after it’s dry, of course!), do another coat and then take the tape down before it has a chance to dry after the second coat.

So here’s how it actually happened in Tell’er All About It land, whose rules just aren’t the same as in Frog Tape Land:

  • Paint Walls, wait 24 hours, attempt to tape, tape falls down…..begin to cry.
  • Wait another 24-48 hours for dark paint to dry – AGAIN – then put up tape.  Still not sticking!  If you look at the pic above, you can see we were having trouble getting it to stick all around.  Beginning to think this green tape junk is bunk…
  • Decide to forge ahead and paint the base coat on the painter’s tape to see if this “magic moisture lock out” marketing broo-ha-ha is worth it’s weight in gold, especially with our “orange peel” textured walls.  Green tape stays on the wall, but there are pretty obvious gaps between the tape and the wall.  We just paint extra paint in the hopes that it’ll learn its lesson.
  • Begin painting the lighter color…

  • …decide to dive right in and just paint the whole darn thing.  If it leaks…well….what’s the worst that can happen?  We have to touch up paint?  Whatever….
  • Dr. J stays up ’til midnight to paint the second coat, rips down the tape and does a happy dance….it sort of worked!  But L-blogger’s asleep…probably shouldn’t wake her up….will wait ’til morning.

You can see for yourselves how it turned out, but this was of course after we did all of the touch up painting:

How would I rate the Green Frog Tape?  I’d give it a B- on textured walls.  I think it does the job well enough, but we still had to touch up paint a few places on the wall (especially our criss cross building in the far right corner).  In fact, when we painted our laundry room a year and a half ago, we used regular ol’ painter’s tape with the glazing method and I have to say that I think it did a much better job.  Now that could also be because our lines were very even and symmetrical and the paint surface (a Valspar paint brand instead of a Glidden paint brand) felt much “dryer” than the surface we were dealing with above (hence, the paint was able to stick better).  But I consider Glidden (a Home Depot brand) to be vastly superior to Valspar paint (a Lowe’s brand) in every possible way, including coverage and durability, so I’m definitely not knocking Glidden here.  A lot of the issue here really stems from our textured walls, which make it impossible to paint over.  I think in the future I’ll go back to the glazing method instead of the paint method.  It’s more “glue like” and sticks better than paint, but that’s just my two cents.

In the end, though, we’re really happy with the wall mural.  It’s something unexpected in a house that screams “builder’s basic blah”.  But remember, we are NO WHERE close to done in here.  We still have a ton of touch up painting to do, furniture to bring in, accessories (btw, we’re doing lime/apple green accents in case you couldn’t tell), pictures to hang, etc, etc.  But it’s getting there….

PS  I’ll post more detailed info on how we trimmed up the Billy Bookcases in another post so stay tuned for that.

Hooray for dead presidents!

Ok, before I am lambasted for my completely tasteless blog title, I should just add that I am sooooo grateful for dear Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Washington.  Thank YOU, Mr. President, for being born in the dead of winter so that we could have a three day weekend to get caught up on some MANY overdue projects!!  We thought back and this past weekend was the first time that Dr. J and I have been home on a holiday weekend since….wait for it….wait for it….Labor Day 2009!  God, that was EONS ago!  Remember that weekend and how much stuff we got done?  If you don’t, then try clicking here, here, here, and here.  Yikes!  Talk about a trip down memory lane….my, how much the house has changed since then!

But back to this past weekend!  Let me just provide a little long list for ya here to kind of give you an idea of just what we’ve been up to these past few days/weeks.  I admit we are TOTALLY under the gun and that kind of pressure works for us:

  • The Room of Requirement is darn near finished!  We took the time this weekend to add a custom crown molding project to our cheap Ikea Billy bookcases, touch up painted the ceiling, caulked the crown molding, painted the baseboards, doors and casements, and we even hung a curtain rod, curtains and ordered an end table with a cool industrial vibe that really takes this room from Room of Requirement to “Man Cave” with only a few seconds to spare between sporting seasons!  PHEW!  Pictures soon….but not yet….

A sneak peek on our "Man Cave" end table. It's Dr. J tested and L-blogger approved.

  • We also Goodwilled one of the last vestiges of the Cosby Show chairs that my parents handed down to my siblings who handed it down to me, etc, etc.  Hey, Mom and Dad!  Remember those ugly blue chairs that used to be in your family room?!  Both are now gone to better homes!  Trust me, it’s better this way!
  • We bought a new kitchen table!  More on that later!  But here’s a little online sneak peak:

...and it even has a leaf to extend to a table for 6! SCORE!

  • Our bathroom cabinets arrived and are taking up some serious real estate in our garage!  Wow, we can’t WAIT to tackle the bathroom now!
  • We have started prepping the guest bath to be ours for a good two months or so (*hint*hint* if you come to visit us soon, we’ll be sharing like squabbling siblings from here on out!).  We tackled just a few small projects in there like replacing our towel bar with some more user-friendly hooks and hemming the very looooong shower curtain so that it doesn’t drag on the floor, which is pretty gross in a bathroom if you ask me…More work to be done this coming weekend when we actually start moving over all of our toiletries (big project for me, small project for the hubs!).
  • Finally hung my Christmas present starburst mirror in our master bedroom and me loves it, me does!
  • We also replaced our curtains in the family room with some nearly idential cotton ones from Pottery Barn.  They were originally Ikea Merete Curtains in bleached which I shrunk in the wash a few months back – oops!  And since the last two or three times I have gone to Ikea they have been out of stock, I finally gave up and just sprung for the slightly pricier Pottery Barn versions and I’m actually really glad I did!  They are hemmed much better and lined on the backside, so the quality is definitely better.  I pre-washed the Pottery Barn versions so that they shrunk.  Get this – I bought 108″ length for a 96″ high curtain rod and they shrunk down to 102″!  Can you believe that?!?  So we cheated the curtain rod higher by a few inches, touched up the wall holes with caulk and paint and called it  a day.  The best part is?  They’re still totally washable, bleachable and, most important, BEAUTIFUL!  the old Ikea Meretes are now hanging in the Room of Requirement at the perfect height and nobody is the wiser.

…and in the interest of “summing up” several weeks worth of projects that have gotten zero air time on the blog:

  • We replaced our leggy builder’s special chandelier hanging in our dining room with a much more mod and fresh drum chandy that we got off of  Lovin’ it!  Pics when we show pics of the new dining table.
  • We also trimmed up our laundry room with some very small trim pieces from Ikea.  Now those undercabinet mount lights aren’t blinding us!
  • We ordered a “storm door” for our front door so that we can (eventually) remove the crusty wooden interior door and repair it without having to replace it with plywood – classy :-).  Oh, and when we do repair said door, the nice storm door will keep it pretty and polished – we hope :-).  New handles and locks to replace the Sheriff approved hardware are for a later date…le sigh…

So there ya have it!  We’ve gotten a lot done these past few weeks and are rushing to the finish line to get everything wrapped up before the bathroom demo begins a week from this Saturday (that’d be Saturday, March 5th for anybody who is curious).  See, if I tell everybody, then I am held accountable to everybody to actually follow through on it.  Although things have been ordered, so guess we don’t have a choice there….*sigh*…Can I just say this?  I’m scared…please somebody volunteer to help with demo!  I’m a girl and don’t like hitting things!!!

Ahoy, me mateys!

Disclaimer:  Bad Pirate puns, jokes and pirate-ese ahead.  Consider yourself warned!

Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud – we found ourselves a treasure chest!

Now here’s the question of the ages – what do you suppose is inside it???  *creaky noises*, lid opens….

*Gasp*!!!!!  It’s empty!  *Even bigger gasp* – it’s filled with wallpaper!!!!!!  AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  Run away!  Run away!!!!!!

Wallpaper!!! AHHHHH!!!

Seriously, lovelies….we were on the hunt for a coffee table for our soon-to-be-finished Room of Requirement and after looking on Craigslist and realizing that old Steamer trunks are in grand supply in the Portland area, we decided to give this forty dollar (yes, FORTY DOLLARS!!) beauty a shot o’ rum (I’m reaching on the pirate references here – just go with it)!  Especially since most of the old trunks we found on Craigslist were well over $100 and of the “Camelback” variety – i.e., curved on top and not flat, so not exactly a good contender for a coffee table.  They’re all the rage nowadays like this beauty from Pottery Barn which is a cool $1300 – yowzers!  RUN AWAY, JACK SPARROW, RUN AWAY!!!!

So…..forty dabloons, eh?  Needs a little spit polish?  Hell, for forty bucks I could give it a whole treasure chest of spit polish!  Arrrr!  Spit polish…do they sell spit polish?  Blank stare………..What the hell am I doing with this old trunk?  I’ve never restored anything in me life!!  I mean, I’ve painted wood pieces and given new life to old pieces of furniture, but this is an antique!!  Ummm…..ahoy, me mateys!  Care to lend a hook to a fellow mariner in distress??

I’m posting a plea for any and all advice and ideas.  First off, I want to mention that I do not plan to restore this trunk.  I want to maintain the aged character of this piece while also “freezing” it in limbo if that makes any sense so that it will be useful to us.  In other words, I don’t want it to get more tattered, old and beat up, and I don’t want it to look any prettier than it already is.  I want it to stay in its current beat up fashion on the outside.  This piece is, after all, for a man cave.  It needs to be beat up so that it can have “dude cred”.  Like street cred only dude-li-er.  So far, here is what I can tell you:

  • This is an old trunk (probably over a hundred years according to the guy we purchased it from and even if it’s not – it was only $40!).  The whole structure is framed in wood which appears to be in relatively good shape.

  • The exterior is wrapped in canvas and then was painted (probably originally a black color that has faded to give it that “Ahoy” type of look that we are absolutely loving!).  Then there are metal “straps” to kind of hold the whole thing together which are rusted and look so cool and very Captain Jack Sparrow-y-just-dug-it-out-of-the-sand.  There are some holes in the canvas and rust, but overall we love the look and character of that aspect to it and don’t plan to change that up too much.
  • The interior of the trunk is *also* canvas (with that classic wallpaper on top).  I started by removing the wallpaper and “bleaching” out the canvas to get rid of mildewy smells and spots, but after careful consideration (since the hubs and I are definitely more confident/comfortable with carpentry than with seamstress-er-y), we are considering removing *all* of the canvas fabric on the inside and I’m wondering if this is a wise idea.  We plan to sand down the wood frame (remove any errant glue, staples, etc), fill it with wood filler, sand again and then Mod-Podge the inside to a newer-ish finish, hopefully with some fun decorative scrapbook paper or wrapping paper or whatever.  We plan to use this trunk for blanket/linen storage in our yet-to-be-finished Room of Requirement.  I think that the Mod Podge would likely “seal in” any grossness of the wood, though I feel much better about wood on my blankets than 100 year old canvas.  Agreed?  Do they make wrapping paper/scrapbook paper in these sizes or should I layer on several kinds of paper?
  • The exterior is a little beat up but *looks* amazing!  I don’t want the trunk to get any worse for the wear, but I want to, again, seal in any grossness so that it won’t shed any more of the canvas and/or rust up our carpet in any way.  I was thinking about possibly taking some clear lacquer and/or polyurethane to “seal in” any errant canvas shavings, etc, etc.  The hubby is not so fond of this idea and I can understand why.  It might give the chest a “shiny” appearance and/or a chance to “flake off” so I’m open to suggestions on how to preserve the old look without ruining it in the process.  Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions???  Mod Podge again?

So there you have it.  A project is in store!  I am open to any and all suggestions and looking forward to any feedback anybody can give me!  Please comment below so I can reference this later.  I can’t wait to get this project started and roll it into our completed room just as soon as we can!!  ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!!!!

EXTRA CREDIT:  What is your favorite pirate joke??  Here’s mine:

A pirate walks into a bar with a giant ship’s wheel stuck to his belt.  He walks up to the bartender and asks for a good spot of rum.  The bartender gives him his drink and asks, “Hey, what’s with that giant ship’s wheel stuck to your belt?”  The pirate answers, “Arrr….it’s drivin’ me nuts!”  (Much better when read aloud and in a pirate voice)

There are always delays!

It never fails!  Whatever you think you *can* accomplish, add 24 more hours in for miscellaneous annoyances like paint drying time, etc, etc.

So when we last left you, we were getting ready to tackle our Room of Requirement makeover with gusto!  We actually didn’t have completely ambitious plans for this past weekend.  First, we wanted to finish up painting the room.  It was defintiely a two coater and since we didn’t move the furniture OUT of the room, we had to paint AROUND furniture (i.e., move furniture, paint wall one, dry time, paint again, move furniture back, etc, etc), which added to the overall painting time….

Unlike when we painted our guest room last year and we literally painted all three colors in a matter of two hours (it helps when the furniture is all moved out, too).  We also wanted to hang the crown molding, restock the bookshelves and then get ready to paint our feature wall and hopefully wrap that up so that we could get the room all put back together this week so that we could enjoy our upcoming 3-day weekend in peace.


We got about 60% there.  We finished all of the coats of the dark blue, more or less styled the bookcases (though we still have leftover books – how did that happen?), hung the crown molding (success!!!!) but when we went to tape off for our feature wall, let’s just say that the Frog Tape people weren’t lying – when they say you need to wait for the paint to dry for three days, they ain’t lying!  No matter how hard we tried (and our paint had been dry at this point for over 24 hours), we could NOT get our tape to stick to the wall.

Dr. J trying the press and hold method...notice the crown molding all hung and prett-i-fied?

We tried using the fingernail method.  Nope!  So we thought we’d take the “paint-activated adhesive” for a test run and just go ahead and begin painting to see if it would magically “glue itself” to the wall once we had painted over it.  Try again.  Fingernail method, part deux?  No dice.  No matter what we did, we just couldn’t get the tape to adhere to our textured walls well enough for us to paint our surprise feature (hold your horses, I’ll get to it.).  I think the Portland rain also wasn’t helping.  We’ve had a few weeks of really dry weather, but the rains came back again on Sunday with a vengeance and that pretty much means that anything that requires drying, sticking and/or a combination thereof is just going to be a downright disaster.

So what did we do?  Well, we left the room in this state, went to the grocery store, cooked ourselves a Valentine’s dinner to celebrate and forgot about it.

Just remember, if you think you can finish it in X time, add miscellaneous dry time and taping debacles, forget about it, and wrap it up another day….there’s always tomorrow!

Room of Requirement….huh?

When I showed you this pic last week….

….you were probably thinking something along the lines of WTF?  I try not to swear, but somehow saying “eff” instead of #$%^ seems to be okay.  The WTF would probably sound something like, “First off, what is the Room of Requirement?  Secondly, what is getting teased, why blue?  Who is this L-blogger and why is she goin’ all Harry Potter on my ass?”  You might notice that “ass” doesn’t carry the same weight as “eff”.  My mom is cringing right now while reading this.  I do have a college education, I swear!

So lemme tell you a little story.  Once upon a time we moved into our house.  This new house had no basement (still doesn’t), no attic (still doesn’t), no air conditioning (that’s changed!) and no window treatments (also changed!)!  Our front bedroom, the largest non-master bedroom in the house, became a kind of “dumping ground”, though admittedly, a somewhat organized dumping ground:

…and since this room faced west, had a ridiculously large window sans aforementioned window treatments and we had NO A/C in 100+ degree heat in the summer of 2009 for the first two weeks we lived in the house, we closed the door and the room became known as “The Sauna”.  But as the weather cooled off (to you know…90!), we began to use this as our overall storage space/place where aero-beds went to die.  So the process went; open the door, toss item to get rid of, close door, walk away, forget about mess:

…hence, “The Room of Requirement” was born.  According to the Harry Potter wiki, “The Room of Requirement is a secret room within Hogwarts that only appears when a person is in great need of it. The room then transforms itself into whatever the witch or wizard needs it to be at that moment in time…”  If you remember some of the later books, it’s also a great place to hide things, throw things away to be forgotten and to steal a kiss from a certain cute boy-wizard from time to time :-).  The name stuck and we’ve been calling it “The Room of Requirement” ever since. 

So how do we use it today?  Well, after we Ikea’d our room with some Billy Bookcases two Decembers ago…

…and moved our TV stand in here and set up our video game paraphenalia, DVD players and VCRs:

…and purchased a brand new couch to get rid of our full sized bed that took up entirely too much room…

…we can safely say that this room has evolved into the coolest Room of Requirement ever!  Dr. J will stay up late into the night playing video games in here, we play Rock Band, play Wii, use it to fold laundry (the laundry room is just across the hall) and spend our days dreaming of a room that could be so much more than just simply….ya know…a dumpy room with hand-me-down furniture.  In essence, we need a MAN ROOM!  So we’ve been paying attention to the interwebs for a few months and here is some eye candy that has been building up in my computer files….(forgive me, I don’t have all of the sources)

….whoever said a man room had to be all sports memoriabilia and beer kegs?  It can be stylish and unexpected, classy and contemporary, rustic and modern – all in one!  Stay tuned….we’re going to hit the pavement hard this coming weekend and hope to have the first few steps completed by early next week!  If not, then I’m just teasing you even more!