Tell’er How To


Have a question about how to repaint furniture or how to spruce up a lamp?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  We’ve blogged and bantered about some of our house projects and below is an easy-to-use reference for how to spray paint a few cabinet knobs to how to build your own compost bin and everything in between!


How to paint stylish tone-on-tone horizontal stripes

How to paint and add a decorative touch to an old bookcase

How to update a country style china hutch into a modern showpiece

How to use spray paint to punch up your bathroom/kitchen hardware – for only $5!

How to repair and paint those outdoor window aprons

How to keep a sense of humor about painting when things go wrong

How to tell if you need to paint your house

How to give an old brassy lamp a new lease on life

How to embrace open-concept living with paint and how not to

How to use subtle color variations to tie together large open-concept spaces

How to spray paint an ugly mirror

How to paint two-story spaces without spending an arm and a leg!

How to use bold colors in your design scheme without going overboard

How to pick the right paint color and feel confident with your decision!

How to pick the right paint color (from the professionals!)

How to tackle a small paint job with a big impact!

How to find color inspiration where none exists

How to use leftover paints to create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork

How to find color inspiration using what you have

How to fix clashing wood tones


How to build square shaker-style cabinet doors

How to use a two-man post-hole digger

How to build a beautiful (and functional) privacy fence!

How to improve your curb appeal without breaking the bank

How to liven up the back of your boring kitchen island

How to replace your baseboards

How to assemble furniture with a sense of humor

How to install a garage door opener

How to know which tools to buy

How to replace a Hot Water Tank

How to demo something the “smart” way

How to incorporate storage into almost any nook in your home

How to build a window seat storage bin

How to remove a builder’s grade bathroom vanity mirror and fancy up two mirrors in its place

How to liven up a boring bedroom with beadboard

How to install cabinetry in a kitchen/laundry/bathroom

How to plumb off of an existing water line as well as wiring for electricity!

How to install a cork floating floor!

How to create a glamorous and functional laundry room!


How to use curtains to glam up a space

How to arrange furniture, part 1

How to arrange furniture, part 2

How to hem curtains without a sewing machine!

How to hang a mirrored collage

How to flesh out a room’s function using furniture

How to decorate minimally for Christmas

How to change your color scheme without picking up a paint brush

How to give a bathroom a high-end look without a high-end price

How to accessorize and decorate a Guest Bedroom

How to use architectural ledges to decorate a space

How to stylishly update your coffee table on the cheap

How to plan out a room remodel and decide on a scheme

How to use outdoor furniture indoors!

How to “flower” your walls

How to design your own Pottery Barn furniture!


How to build a better grill fire, every time

Create beautiful artwork using Microsoft Paint

How to create your own Halloween costumes on the cheap

Use leftover paints to create a color-coordinated piece of artwork


How to rid your house of pesky fruit flies without chemicals

How to “live green” in Portland, Oregon

How to build your very own Worm/Composting Bin

How to live a green life steadily over time without stressing

How to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic shopping bags and switch to re-usables!

How to begin making changes to improve the environment *and* your health!

How to get over your fear of composting and just do it!

GRUB (the yummy kind)

Better than Starbucks’ Frap-o-cheap-os!

Tell’er All About It’s Basil+Lemon Mojito

L-blogger’s “Better than Store Bought Blackberry Pie”


How to clear out weeds and shrubbery with ease

How to clean out the garage

How to grow a beautiful lawn

How to build a raised bed vegetable garden