Before & After Bliss: $5 Makeover!

Yet another update on our Labor Day Weekend makeovers!  This one’s just a small one, but gives you a little bit of insight into what the ladies were up to this weekend.  While the boys were spending boo-ku bucks on building a fence and fixing our front door pillars, we were saving $ with a can of Spray Paint!  Just so you know, a $5 can of spray paint can take door knobs and pulls from this:


….to this:


…and it can take a towel ring from blah:


…to aaaaaahhhh….:


Sorry for the color saturation on this one - our room isn't really that yellow!

So there ya have it!  And for those curiosity seekers, I used Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze.  I took some inspiration from Our Suburban Cottage and her Oil Rubbed Bronze “Taste Test”.  While I couldn’t find her “personal favorite”, I found a close approximation and I’m pretty happy with the results!  To be honest, unless the spray paints are right next to each other, it’s very hard to see the difference.

The process is pretty simple.  Remove your knobs, CLEAN them, give them a very light sand (especially if you’re not using primer), spray, dry, turn, repeat.  Super-duper easy!  Be prepared to live without handles for a few days just to be sure everything is all dry.

The reason we decided to spray paint the pulls and towel bars (and we will be spray painting *all* of the silver finishes in our bath once time allows and once we figure out how to remove our shower doors without damaging the tile) is because the “silver” color wasn’t actually silver.  It’s brushed nickel, which can give off a “golden” hue on top of the silver.  Boo-hiss!  It actually reminds me of my wedding ring (which is white gold) when it hasn’t been re-rhodiumed in awhile.  It’s *sorta* silver….but not….kinda gold….kinda yucky and dirty looking!  Actually, J & I are using some inspiration from our Honeymoon Suite at the Sonoma Mission Inn in Sonoma, CA as a jumping off point.  Here are some old pictures of that inspiring room:



Ahhhh…the memories :-).  Basically, we are being inspired by the light colored walls, the oil-rubbed bronze (ORB) fixtures, small usage of patterns (other than on the bed), and cozy wrought-iron details.  ORB really gives fixtures an antiqued, weathered, and, more importantly, rich and luxurious look!  I am convinced we can have expense and luxury without the price tag and that’s what we’re after!  And if you’ve never purchased knobs and towel bars before, go price them out, and you’ll be buying a can of spray paint instead ;-).

Ok, enjoy it!  J & I are off to get away from house makeovers for a week, but we will try to update from the road.  See ya on the flip side!


9.11.2001 RIP



6 thoughts on “Before & After Bliss: $5 Makeover!

  1. Been there done that. We couldn’t find accessories in the finish we wanted (a matte black that looked like wrought iron) so we bought the cheapest things we could and spray painted them. Looked really good. Then we moved. Doh!

    We’re still looking for towel holders that hand on the wall like in that second pic from your honeymoon suite. Enjoy your home and the projects.

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