Color-spiring (Color+Inspiring)

Picking paint colors is always difficult!  But sometimes it’s the inspiration that is the most difficult for some people, including myself!  I’ve had some good inspiration points on most of the rooms in our house and I’ve even formulated my own little “No Fail Paint Color Picking Process” (patent pending – hehe!), but when it comes to the final four spaces in our house that need painting (the master bath, the guest room, the guest bath, and the media room/room of requirement), we found ourselves hitting a bit of a wall.

The biggest reason for the dearth in inspiration is that the remaining rooms are hardly used by us!  It’s really hard to get super jazzed about picking colors, fabrics, and patterns when two of the rooms that need painting are devoted exclusively to guests (the guest bath and the guest bedroom).  The Media Room/Room of Requirement gets more use by us than the Guest Room, but it also has so many other projects up its sleeve, so we’re okay with it being a little “barren” for awhile.  The Master Bath – well, we won’t go there.  Let’s just call it the Master Blah.  We use it by far the most of the four rooms, but it needs a total overhaul so obviously paint color is the least of our worries!

But if you *are* finding yourself hitting a wall in terms of design-spiration, then I’d suggest two foolproof methods to get you back on the bandwagon:

  • Google/TV/Movie/Magazine searches! Sometimes I will just Google image search for things like “glamorous bathroom”, “green bathroom”, and/or “high end bathroom” and see what comes up.  Granted, you might find yourself weeding through a whole lot of junk, but you can begin to narrow down your inspiration by colors, by schemes, and it’s easier than trying to come up with an entire design scheme on your own!  Remember, in design, there aren’t any original ideas – only original executions!  You could also extend the Google Searching to Magazine browsing, TV/movie watching, etc, etc.  Believe it or not, there is a whole cult underground regarding the 2003 movie Something’s Gotta Give and the house that played such a major role in that film.  In fact, there is a house in Sun Valley, ID that was recently for sale and was billed as “Something’s Gotta Give in Sun Valley, ID”!  If you don’t believe me, click here!  So what’s my point?!  The point is to always be on the lookout for something that inspires you, whether you are browsing a magazine, browsing the web, or even if you are sitting in a dark theatre with a bowl of popcorn on your lap!  Hey, set decorators are designers, too!  And if you’re having a serious Movie or TV House Big Mac Attack, then head on over to Julia’s for some great movie and television eye candy.  Every Monday she does another “famous” house and it’s seriously addicting!  She and I have a lot in common!
  • Fabric Swatches! And if you are doing a bathroom, there is no better jumping off point than a shower curtain!  Luckily, for our Guest Bathroom makeover, I had a lovely jumping off point with our shower curtain, an old buy from JCPenney’s Martha Stewart line.  Three horizontal stripes in cream, taupe, and chocolate brown.

Using the shower curtain for color-spiration, I knew I didn’t want to go chocolate brown (too dark) or cream (too light), so I went with the middle color, which was juuuuuust right…But you know how I pick out colors!  It’s like a 90-step process that is time-consuming, but also so worth it!  I went to the hardware store and picked out 20 or so swatches, then narrowed it down to about three colors, picked up some samples, and threw them up on the wall:

Yes, the serial-killer handwriting is mine, but I swear this is a fool-proof method.  I painted the three colors above all over the room right next to each other (and next to the shower curtain, cabinetry, etc.).  What we figured out was the top color was too sandy and boring beige, the middle color was too “cool”, but the bottom color was juuuuuuust right.  It had just enough green in it for the eye to identify it as a “green”, but not so much as to fall outside of the taupe-y neutral palette.  I know, I know, people are so afraid of neutrals!  Trust me, neutrals can be dramatic – it’s the accessories that have to make it pop!  So Fioli it was!

So we took down everything in the room, including the ratty old blinds and got our paint on!  And before I give away *all* of my secrets, here is a little after portion of the room to whet your whistle until we reveal some of the other projects on hand…

What’s next??  You’ll just have to stay tuned for more ;-).  Muwahahahahah….


5 thoughts on “Color-spiring (Color+Inspiring)

  1. I just wanted to add that is a great place to search for inspiration. I knew I wanted white cabinets in my kitchen, but didn’t know what color to paint the walls until I picked out my favorite curtains and looked at all the white cabinet kitchens on to finally decide on a pretty pear color. Seeing a bunch of green kitchens with white cabinets helped me see how fresh and appetizing the color is. This search also helped me see what hardware looks best on white cabinets. So, just wanted to share that resource with others, since a google search can yield so many unwanted results.

    • Hi, Jeannette –

      What a great tip! I’m definitely going to head on over there today and take a look! I love having a blog – especially when random people stop by and give me such great advice! I really do learn so much from my readers!!

      L-Blogger 🙂

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