Oh, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn….wherefore art thou….?

I’m on a mission!  A hunt!  An adventure!  For months now I have been searching for the world’s perfect area rug to replace our monochromatic (*yawn*) one in the family room:

I’ve been eyeing rugs all over the place – HomeGoods, Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Macy’s, Overstock, Ikea, various online retailers, lamp stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, you get the picture.  I’m looking for something in the blue-green family that does *not* look golden, which always seems to happen with area rugs.  Why is that?!  Regardless, here is my area rug wish list for the family room:

  • We’re reading you, 8×10 – We eventually plan to replace the carpet in our family room with wood (or something along those lines), so something to cover up as much of that as possible to insulate us from the chill in the wintertime would be ideal.  Oh, and it’s gotta be relatively large so that the dogs have plenty of room to park their buns.
  • Wooly Mammoth – I love wool rugs – it’s plush, it’s warm, it’s soft underfoot and, bonus!  It’s all natural!  Plus, it’s easier to clean, easier to take care of, and it’s extremely durable!  They’re also really soft underfoot and just scream luxury.  Sign me up!
  • Nothing Traditional/Persian – We desperately need some pattern and jazz in this room, but nothing too crazy.  Sometimes you look at a rug and just think, “What is the meaning of that?!”  I’m thinking rugs along the lines of this:

The now deceased Clara rug from Pottery Barn - pretty, but too yellow for us!

….or this…

Pottery Barn Vanessa rug - currently on sale, but too French blue for our room...

….or even, daringly, something kind of like this….

The West Elm Zebra rug - daring, for sure, but a little too monochromatic and hipster for our tastes.

…but none of the above rugs are really truly singin’ to me.  The trouble is that a rug is something that’s going to be with you a loooooong time.  Hell, I’ve walked through castles in Europe (and even the Biltmore here in the US) and they had original rugs dating back centuries….yes, CENTURIES!  Now I don’t plan on spending a century’s worth of *my* hard earned dollars to put down something that essentially is just a big fancy sock for the floor (or legwarmer, whichever floats your boat), but I am willing to save up some hard earned dollars for something fun, pretty, and a little bold that might stand the style test of time for at least a good ten years or so.  Oh, and it has to be durable enough (and dark enough, but not too dark) to hide dog stains, husband stains, and if we ever go down that road, bambino stains (don’t get any ideas, Moms!).

I have to admit that I truly *love* Pottery Barn rugs.  Honestly, walk into any “rug store” anywhere in the country and I’ll bet you couldn’t find an 8×10 wool rug with a natural backer in a decent color that doesn’t look like vomit and a non-Granny pattern for anything less than $1,000.  Believe me, I know – I’ve looked!  Pottery Barn’s 8×10 rugs are seriously a smokin’ deal for anywhere between $500 – $700 a pop.  Granted, that’s a pretty hefty price tag for anything, but for a high-quality rug that’s actually not too bad, especially if it’s natural high-quality construction….but I digress….

So I got it in my head that maybe I could road trip down to a P-Barn Outlet somewhere close to Oregon, possibly California?!?  When I lived in Ohio, I was only an hour’s drive from a Pottery Barn Outlet (Jeffersonville, holla’!) and I used to stop by there every chance I got to see what bits and pieces I could get for smokin’ deals.  I’m pretty sure that the closest one will probably be a day’s drive, but I’d be willing to rack up the miles for a good deal on a rug!  And since P Barn is headquartered in San Fran, you gotta figure that their outlet is somewhere close to there, right?!?

Not so, my friend.  It’s in Lake Elsinore, CA – a cool 18 hour trip from Portland.  Seriously?!?!  Ok, Plan B means *next* closest P-Barn Outlet……San Marcos, TX….just 1 day and 12 hours from my house….

….plan C?  Plead….no, BEG, Pottery Barn to open up an outlet closer to home!  Please?!  Pretty please?!?  With a cherry on top?!?!  C’mon, you guys are BASED in San Fran – can’t you at least give it up for some Bay Area love?  I could easily make a trip down to a P Barn outlet in Sacramento!

Oh, and if you’re curious – there are only ten (that’s right, TEN!) P Barn outlets in the country.  For a company that’s based on the West Coast, you’d think that they could spread the love a little better out here – Pottery Barn Outlet, wherefore art thou????


15 thoughts on “Oh, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn….wherefore art thou….?

  1. rugs are challenging! I’ve had good experiences with Home Decorators. You can buy their stuff online or at some Home Depots. Their prices are pretty good, and if you sign up for their catalogs, they often include coupons for 10% off. Some that might work for your room:


    good luck hunting!

    • It’s so funny – I’ve actually looked at a few of them!! How funny is that?!?! Thanks for the tips, though – I guess I just need to keep my eyes and ears peeled!


    • Wow, Leslie!

      What a great idea! Thanks for the tip!


      PS I love it when readers can help a guru out, ya know??

  2. How time consuming/labor intensive/cost effective would it be to create your own with remnants of different wool rugs?

    I ask only because that might be something you could do plus you wouldn’t have to settle for something that doesn’t suit you completely.

    • Hi, Beth –

      It is definitely something I could do! My sister-in-law actually did something very similar for her house and, oftentimes, it’s much cheaper to do so. However, the only issue is finding the right pattern and typically carpet patterns are much more conservative than rug patterns. But it’s definitely something to shoot for! Thanks for the tip!


  3. Flor is another pet-friendly option!

    we just got the Sakura rug from West Elm (during their 20% rug sale), and we loooove it…8×10 was still expensive, tho! I would have mentioned Home Decorators, too, they have a wide selection of “transitional” rugs…also saw some cute (but not wool) rugs in the latest Garnet Hill catalog…when I was looking for rugs, the owners of Bloomsbury Loft in Powell, OH suggested Dash & Albert and CompanyC.com as other rug sources…

    good luck hunting!

  4. I love Pottery Barn and have been in the same boat you’re in – needing a rug that fit a very particular set of criteria. And then I stumbled on a rug sale at our local Pottery Barn and we bought TWO of them. And now I wish we hadn’t. You see, while there is no denying these are some seriously beautiful and plush rugs, they’ve also been horrible about off-gassing and it got so bad that we had to put one of ’em in the basement and I’m seriously considering getting rid of the second one too. I’ve talked to a few other people that have experienced the same thing with PB rugs. None of us know why they smell so bad and for so long but it’s always the same – terrible noxious smell coming from the rug when it’s hot outside or cold outside and you need to run the heater. For me, the scent coming off the larger of the two was triggering my migraines and so we had to get rid of it. Now we’re back to square one.

    • Hi, Casacaudill –

      It’s interesting because I’ve heard that, too! We also purchased a rug eons ago and, yes, it did off-gas. I think we purchased it sometime around 2005? I really think it has something to do with the wool rugs and the backers but can’t put my finger on it. That’s terrible that it triggers your migraines! Looks like you’re going to have to stick with the natural fiber rugs for sure!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I pass by the San Marcos PB outlet in Texas about twice a week…. and stop at least once it seems! I LOVE it! It is HUGE and def a discount from the regular store. If you ever want to come down, you are welcome in our home!

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  7. Here’s the sad but true story on outlet locations. Companies are reluctant to put outlet stores in areas where they are successful selling their products at retail or their typical “sale” prices. Pottery Barn is very successful on the West Coast so only 1 WC outlet. We could stop buying to send a message, but seriously…who can hold out? I can’t!

    • @Jenna –

      OMG! I had no idea!! We need to create a mass exodus away from Pottery Barn! How tragic is this?!?! Thanks for that tidbit! Unbelievable!


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