Christmas Loot Roundup!

My dear brother-in-law always says the same thing every year when we go to my mom’s house for Christmas, “Hooooooo-eee!  Look at all dat LOOT!”  It’s a constant reminder of how blessed we are to have such giving and wonderfully loving families!  And thanks to my new-found love with Amazon’s wish lists, this Christmas may have been one of the loot-iest (is that a word?) and best ever!  No, really!  While we didn’t get to spend it with my side of the family or with J’s Dad, it was still a great Christmas.  Maybe we’ll make the big trek back to OH next year for some Yuletide cheer.  On to the goods, my friend!

We’ve already talked about our awesome garage door opener!  Holy cow, what a life changer!  And a big thank you goes out to J’s brothers for helping him install it the day after Christmas while I cleaned up the house before our big trip to San Fran.  THANK YOU AGAIN!

An early Christmas present came back when we decked the halls and showed you our brand new Dolce Lounge Chair from the land of Tar-Jay!  In fact, we assembled this chair the very same day that we assembled some Ikea bookcases, put together a bedside table for our guest room (also from Ikea), and stocked aforementioned bookcases with all of our books.  We didn’t plan it that way, but we were on a deadline, so it was pretty intense!  So here is the awesome comfortable-ness that is the Dolce Lounge Chair from Tar-jay.  Thank you, Santa!

I have to say, it’s uber-comfortable and precisely what we were looking for!  A small scale chair that wouldn’t feel too bulky in our oddly shaped family room.  And now we don’t have to use a Dining Room chair any longer (see photo below).  And for those keeping score – yes, we did move it after Christmas to the opposite side of the room.  I know who you stalkers are!  Well, actually, I don’t – that’s partially why it’s really frightening!

Another big gift came in the form of the Fieldcrest Floor Cabinet from Tar-jay land so that our guests will no longer be plagued by “toilet paper anxiety”.  It fits so well in our downstairs powder room and gives us a little space to store small items since we don’t have any cabinetry in our powder room.  It also looks really good against that new chocolate brown color – yummmm!

Then the last big present we got for Christmas was actually a present to ourselves!  We’ve been suffering with TV envy for quite some time and while our Sony Wega CRT HDTV has a beautiful picture, at 27″ it just feels a little too piddly for the built-in area above the fireplace:

So with a few gift certificates in hand, J & I gifted ourselves a brand new 46″ or thereabouts television.  It fits perfectly into that opening and definitely gets rid of the disorganized mish-mash of components and riff-raff:

And we are keeping the CRT television.  It’s actually moved upstairs to the Room of Requirement along with all of our video game paraphernalia so that we can eventually have an upstairs media room.  So now the family room has rounded itself out nicely to this present layout:

Thanks again to Santa and his Claus!  We are very grateful for all of our presents this year!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


9 thoughts on “Christmas Loot Roundup!

  1. Hi! I just recently found your blog and wanted to introduce myself. I am actually buying my first place in Salem…so not too far from where you are 🙂 I actually had a question for you. We have been admiring the Dolce lounge chair for quite some time, but fear that it is too dark for the room we need it for. Would you say the picture you have of it is pretty close to the color of the chair in person? I seem to be having commitment issues! Love your blog by the way!

    • Hi, Mallory!

      Thanks for stopping by! Hooray – another Oregonian blogger! How fun! I just read on your bloggy-blog that you’ve recently become a homeowner! Congratulations and get ready for the ride of your life!!!

      On the Dolce Lounge Chair I would say that your color opinion is purely subjective. On Tarjay’s website, there were three color options and, yes, we did go with the lightest of those three. The color is more golden than tan, but it is almost a barely there gold. If you are looking for something more in a white-ish tone, then might I suggest something a little bit more in this family?

      It’s certainly a difficult decision! But the beauty of ordering something from Tar-jay is that it is so easy to return (you don’t have to ship it back, you can just take it to your local Tar-jay land). So it’s almost worth buying one, making a decision, taking it back, buying another, making a decision, taking it back, etc, etc. Hey, I’m a pretty indecisive person as well, so I completely understand!

      I hope this information is useful to you! Good luck with the move and keep checking back for updates!!!


  2. We are definitely excited and ready for the challenge of a new home. It’s been fun reading how you two have fixed all the unexpected issues you had with the house. It is looking fabulous!

    Thank you so much for your suggestions for the chair. I think I just need to get over my fears and do what you say…buy it and see what I think. I never shop online because I like to be able to touch and see things that I am buying…I forget I can just return it 😉 I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out! I’m excited to start making all of the purchases for the new home. Good luck with all of your ventures as well, can’t wait to see what else you do!!

  3. Wow, L……you sound all im-port-ant and stuff!!!! Love the new TV….looking good. Now I have TV envy. Yoru room seems a bit smaller than mine and I have a 10″ smaller TV. Hummmm, not fair! Love your blog work, though….. I feel like I’m there with ya.

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