Paint our Guest….room….

Sing it with me, people!

Paint our Guest! Paint our Guest!

Put our Brushes to the Test!

Tape the walls and stir the paint, Cherie,

And we’ll create a mess!

A poet and lyricist I am not, but a DIY-ing machine…..? Well, *that’s* another story.

Normally, I wouldn’t devote an entire post to painting, but I have to admit that I did *not* (I repeat) did *not* use my no fear patent-pending-no-fail-color-picking process.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Instead of trying to find the right color for our walls by picking up multiple chips and then painting said chips on the walls, I just went for a straight-to-video color match – i.e. I had a pretty color specific palette already picked out with this Pottery Barn bedding, which I just brought to the paint store to match up:

While the colors are on my hit list to get rid of, the money I save by re-using it is priceless (i.e. – FREE!). There are plenty of colors to choose from on that bedding, but how to choose the right ones?  Looking around the rest of our house, it’s pretty obvious that we generally like soft, neutral colors (see The Nickel Tour if you don’t believe me!). However, we both agreed that the soft, neutral colors, while beautiful and soothing, were already well represented throughout our house and we were ready to try something a little bit different! Not only that, but since this is a bedroom (i.e. it has a door and can be closed off from public view), it really allowed us to go a little bolder than we would normally just for the fun of it!  And remember, it’s only paint!  It *can* be painted over!

So since bold and beautiful is the theme, what colors do we choose?  There are many bold colors in this palette and we had to pick just one….or did we?  After careful consideration we decided to pick not one, not two, but three different colors!  Don’t be scared, it’s actually not that crazy!  This is the color palette we decided to go with:

From left to right it’s Glidden’s Spiced Gingerbread for the accent wall, Glidden’s Tawny Birch for the ceiling, and Glidden’s Honey Beige for the remaining three walls!  Oh, yea….did I mention we are painting the ceiling?!  We’ve never attempted a ceiling paint before, but for all those interested, painting a ceiling guarantees you will get more on your face than you will on your walls – hehe!  I looked a little more like a Toddler after a fingerpainting class than a trying-to-be-classy homeowner painting a room.  But I digress.  The ceiling was a bit of a pain to paint, but it was something that definitely had to be done due to the smokey smell in the room.  Should it come as any wonder that P-A-I-N-T has the word P-A-I-N in it?

Since we’ve decreed before that this room was likely the “Smoking Room” for the previous tenants (yes, this house was a rental), the smoke-y smell just had to go!  And since we can’t change the carpet straight away, painting is just about the next best thing.  It won’t get rid of everything, but it’ll certainly mask it for a little while.  We actually got a few helpful tips from some of our readers, when we brought up this pesky problem a couple of weeks ago on our blog, and we had a few helpful suggestions on how to best deal with this problem.  We decided to go ahead and take my big sis’ advice and paint the ceiling to just go ahead and be done with it.

So the final verdict on the paint colors….?

….cue the music….BE…..OUR….GUEST!


12 thoughts on “Paint our Guest….room….

    • Robyn –

      Thanks for the tip! Honestly, I’ve never thought much *about* my switchplates before, but what a great idea!

      Thanks for stopping by,

    • Aw, Shucks! Thanks a bunch! Keep coming back for more! I’ve checked your fun switchplate idea! I may have to start incorporating some of those ideas in my house!

      L-blogger 🙂

  1. you are doing so many fun things. dont you just love projects? we do.
    in my last laundry room, i used pages from surfer magazine and modpodged them onto the floor… then epoxied over the top of it. loved it…. but had to cover it when we sold that house :(.

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  3. Man – it took 9 months and 26,000 hits before I got an honorable mention. Thanks for the props. Did you use the Kilz Primer? Or just paint?

    • Jessica –

      Hahah! We decided not to use the kilz just to save on some time. After painting, though, we know for certain that the culprit is that carpet. Someday it will get replaced!


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