We made our dining room bigger! Well, kind of…

It’s time to update with something OTHER than bathroom mayhem.  I need to focus on something aside from renovation dust and demolition for a change….

The big news for us (well, sorta) is that we made our dining room bigger!!  Not really, but we did get a smaller dining table which gave us soooo much more floor space.  And it’s been such a long time since I’ve made any updates to this space (uhhh….try since we last painted it, which was a whopping year and  a half ago – whoa!) that it seemed like a good time to get on it.  So here’s a WAAAAY old pic from before we even painted the space (notice our R2-D2 AC unit in the background??):

Dining Room Before

So that’s from about a whopping year and a half ago.  We hadn’t even painted yet at this point or bought any window treatments or even installed Air Conditioning.  We just tossed our antique hand-me-down furniture in here and called it a day.  And don’t even get me started on that builder grade chandy that looks like a five legged octopus.  What would that be?  A penta-pus?  Moving on.  Here’s the after as of this past weekend:

Dining Room After with new table and chandelier!

Much better, no?  But why?  I’m a shameless over-explainer, so here we go!  For starters, our dining table was just too big.  If somebody was sitting in the far chair, then you couldn’t open the pantry doors without asking them to move.  Then there was this strange 6 footed base which made it really hard to push chairs under and have space for those random appendages known as feet (go ahead and scroll up – it was just odd).  The last bother was the fact that it was an antique that belonged to my beloved Grandmother and even SHE hated how WOBBLY it was even when she owned it.  My poor Grandfather spent decades trying to “sturd-i-fy” that table and I remember eating many an Easter brunch at this table and watching my eggs jiggle while eating them.  Cutting meat at the table was always an adventure!  Forget about even trying a Jenga tourney on this table (although drunk Jenga….)!  No, no, no….the table had to go.  It wasn’t functional for us as it was and even with Dr. J’s handiness we still couldn’t get that table to be solid without seriously compromising its structure.  We had our eyes set on something much smaller (it’s usually just the two of us), round (they take up less room and are easier to fit a big crowd around), with a leaf that we could extend to seating for six when the family drops by, and solid, solid, solid!

The new table is made of solid Rubberwood and we got it for a good price from World Market.  It’s solid as a rock with a big chunky pedestal base that just feels so more upscale and normal (goodbye hexa-pedal table).  When the leaf is in it feels juuuuust right for the space and since it’s more rounded, we can actually sit more people at it than we could at the previous table which was also about the same size.  We also love that the finish isn’t overly polished or waxy, so it doesn’t show fingerprints and it’s rustic and durable enough so that I don’t have to worry about people dropping things on it, etc.  Overall, it’s a win-win!

Second update?  That builder’s grade chandelier is gone, gone, gone!  It was too big for the space and just kind of reminded me of an octopus or daddy long legs or something.  It had to go.  So off to Overstock I went and found a new chandy and….voila…

Much better no?  I love how it has a glass diffuser on the bottom (as opposed to plastic) and it had three bulbs (as opposed to more expensive versions which only had one).  It’s definitely a statement without being over-the-top traditional or modern.  Just what the doctor ordered…perhaps a Dr. J?

Verdict??  We can actually open our pantry doors now!!!  And cutting meat is absolutely no problem-o.  Dr. J and I sit at this table all the time just trying to make it wiggle.  IT DOESN’T WIGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean, seriously – it’s the little things in life.  No wiggling.  I won’t be able to say that for much else in my life (ya know, like the waistline), but I can say that about my dining table, thankyouverymuch!  And the light is just perfect for dining and gaming.  It also “simplifies” the lines in that room and immediately draws your eye up and in…love, love, love….

Hello, now functional dining room.  It’s so nice to finally meet you!


14 thoughts on “We made our dining room bigger! Well, kind of…

  1. love the light! We currently have 2 can lights in our dining room and it is my one day dream to replace with a similar type chandelier – Our neighbors have one similar to yours and I admire it from our window.

    I like it! You guys are rockstars and my remodeling idols!

    • AWhhh….THANKS!!! We’re no rockstars…just dweebs. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Ohhh…SNAP!


    • Oh, and to answer your question – R2-D2 is now in the hands of a friend who had no AC. At least he’s being loved and cared for in another home 🙂

  2. great table and light! World Market is a great source for furniture, they have great sales. If you ever get Entertainment books (usually from school fundraisers), they always seem to have World Market coupons ($50 off $300).

    we had a dining table that we brought back from Australia–it was a rustic pine table that everyone said was so special because of where it was from. In our new house, though, it was too massive. So, it’s in the laundry room, and we got a round extension table from Crate and Barrel outlet. Our family was shocked, but hey, it wasn’t working for us, and we have so much more room to get around now!


  3. Wow….sorry L – but I’m more impressed that Carol brought a TABLE back from Australia…we brought a Didgereedoo (sp?) back from Australia and I thought the airlines were going to make us walk home;-) Very impressive. love the new table and chandelere…perfect for the space….and you’re right about G-Ma’s table legs….never really noticed that before….but that would be annoying.

    • J-Bird –

      MUY annoying. Sad to not be using Grandma’s table, but even I think she would agree it was never the best….le sigh…


    • Oh, well I guess I should have mentioned that I lived there for a few years before bringing it back :). We also had our firstborn there, and Australian immigration was sooo confused how this baby had a us passport, but no visa…we showed them his Aussie birth certificate, and they all agreed he was “Australian, and American through no fault of his own”!

  4. Love World Market for everything, half the price of Pottery Barn( not that I’ll ever give Pottery Barn up) but it’s good quality, I love my bed and my bookshelves, I’m now looking for a mirror for my bathroom. Great light fixture and love the table.. btw, I wasn’t born in Australia but I’m half and half, lived there for much of my life. Don’t you just love the Didjeridoo? I couldn’t get one last year, am still hoping to get one though.. which cities did you visit?

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