Painting Daze…

I’ve had some comments in the past few days after our amazing bar revamp and makeover as to what our next *big* project is going to be.  Well, to be fair, yours truly, L-Blogger extraordinaire, has been painting the house from top to bottom while the J-man is tucked safely at work.  My days are spent carting around ladders, paint rollers, and brushes and, yes, dropping my cell phone in glasses of water. While it’s certainly not as exciting as some of the other projects we’ve been tackling, I assure you it makes such a difference for us as homeowners to walk into a house that is free of nicks, scratches, holes, and grubby fingerprints and water stains.  See evidence below:



Our mission is to tackle one major painting job per week – rather, it’s my mission while J is tucked away at work.  Wiping the slate clean, so to speak, and removing all evidence of our home’s sketchy past.  And since paint is cheaper than just about any other renovation project, we’ll be focusing on that for a little while until we can pad the bank account a little bit more for some of the bigger projects we have up our sleeves.  Until then, here’s a photo of the J-man doing some painting action while I took a much needed break:


Have a great weekend, everybody!  We’re taking a break and heading to Washington State to spend some time with the fam and hopefully eating birthday cake!  YUM!


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