Welcome to the neighborhood???

Welcome to the neighborhood, here’s your violation notice!  Wha?

About 2 weeks ago we got a letter in the mail saying that if we didn’t cease and desist using our window AC unit **, then we would have to pay a fine of up to $15 per day (ouch!) for every day that we continued to have an AC unit in our window.  Mind you, the day we got this letter it happened to be 100+ degrees outside, but that’s not important right now.  Swearing ensued, “the world isn’t fair” protesting ensued, etc.  So we had to come up with a solution and fast as the Pacific NW heat waves continue to beat up our AC-less region of the country.

Enter the hubby who suggested a “Portable AC unit” that he easily found used on Craigslist.  They’re all the rage now apparently because they don’t hang out of the window like a traditional AC unit – happy times for persnickety HOAs.  They also sit on your floor, so they look a little bit like R2-D2 hangin’ out in your home (I’ve always wanted my own robot!).  But if it will keep us cool during the heat waves (which aren’t over yet for the year) *and* keep the HOA off our backs, then I’m as happy as a clam!  Here is a picture of our R2 unit:


Weird, huh?  Oh, and we are selling our old AC unit, which is in mighty fine condition!  If you are in the Pacific NW and interested in a high-quality AC unit, then click here.

**Portland, Oregon is noted for its mild and temperate climate.  While we’re still waiting for that mild and temperate climate to come our way, we have to adapt to the social and architectural norms of the region which don’t include central AC most of the time, including our house which was built in 2005.  That tax credit we get next year will be all about a central AC unit and we can’t wait!


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