Blind-ing Light!

So I didn’t update much on the blog last week because I was too busy doing house projects and other miscellany.  But the kitchen and dining room are finally all painted and the blinds we ordered from Bed, Bath & Beyond came in and we love them!  Actually, we love BBnB for saving us some serious bucks.  We originally went to Lowe’s to price out some Bamboo Roman Shades and for around $500 for two windows, we felt that was just *slightly* north of exorbitant.  But, hey, if it had been $499, then we would have been *all* over it!  Seriously, though, we love our new Bamboo shades – they’ve injected just the right amount of texture and privacy in the space without it feeling closed off.  Yet another item we can cross off the list!  And if you’re interested in pricing some Bamboo blinds for your space, then click here to check out the prices.  You’ll find that they are actually really reasonable and come in a variety of sizes!

So here is a shot of our windows pre-blind and pre-paint (Before):


…and here is our dining room window post-paint, post-blind (After):


…and the kitchen window post-paint and post-blind (After):


It probably doesn’t seem like such a drastic difference for our readers, but it makes the space feel so much more “homey”.  Now it really feels more like it’s “our” space, especially after we realized that we initially hung the blinds on backwards, but I digress…;-).  And the paint colors?  Here is a shot of the corner of our dining area to see the different colors coming together:

Ceiling is the Builder's Color, the Right is Glidden's Water Chestnut and the Left is Glidden's Whispering Wheat

Ceiling is the Builder's Color, the Right is Glidden's Water Chestnut and the Left is Glidden's Whispering Wheat

Again, we were really going for muted colors in the kitchen/dining room/whole first floor just to keep the space feeling open and airy!  We also didn’t want it to feel too Big Top Circus either ;-).  If you want to see the full before and afters, then head on over to our “Nickel Tour” for the full effect.  But we are going to knock your socks off with glam when we finally get around to painting our Powder Room.  I don’t want to reveal all of our plans just yet, but it’s going to be awesome!  We can’t wait!!


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