For your viewing pleasure…a bathroom update!

Rather than typing a whole update on the plumbing and electrical, we thought it’d be easier to have Dr. J give you an overview on camera….’cause let’s face it….typing’s hard…

So click here to see the video, which will take you to YouTube.  We still can’t do embedded videos yet – that takes money and all of our money is wrapped up in our loo at the moment.

So if you’re at work and can’t watch, here are a few highlights:

  • The bathroom is completely torn down to the worst possible place it can be.  It’s got to get uglier before it can get prettier…
  • Maggie saying hi.  Ooohhh….she’s so cute!
  • Dr. J explaining the various wires and doodads hanging from the walls.
  • Dr. J showing you our new sconce holes – they’ll be prettier once they have actual SCONCES in them.  To be determined…

So there ya go.  Now the full disclosure part.  We shot this video about a week ago and this weekend Dr. J’s dad is in town helping us “button up” the room.  We may even get to tiling the floor later today….ooh…..stay tuned….


12 thoughts on “For your viewing pleasure…a bathroom update!

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