…it happens. Fudge.

So I woke up yesterday morning and had a big day ahead of me involving painting our entire downstairs foyer, dining room, and hallway.



It’s a pretty big space made even more challenging by the fact that there are many doorways, many nooks and crannies, and it’s very narrow, so the working zone is quite cramped.  This called for the utmost precision and professionalism, which I knew only one person could accomplish: yours truly!  It called for multi-tasking and project planning, painting skill-z extraordinaire and….oh, fudge. I just dropped my iPhone…in my glass of water!  Better than the toilet, but c’mon!  This is why I should not try to carry my phone, my glass of water, several paint brushes, and a ladder – at the same time! Luckily, a couple of scans of the internet, some Facebook venting (or Face-venting as I call it), and a very understanding hubby pointed me to a tip that makes perfect sense – stick your phone in a bowl of dry rice.  Just like the restaurunts that put rice in their salt to keep it from clumping, rice wicks away moisture, put your phone in, and voila!  Wicked!  Brilliant!  But I have a room to paint and my rollers are getting crusty…So I turn the phone off, hoping that the “loop” that the phone is on will eventually go away if I just keep the phone off for a few days and let it air dry until I can get to the grocery to buy some rice (we never have rice on hand – we’re more Couscous people in this house).

Since the iPhone situation was more or less under control, I was on a mission to paint the rest of the hallway.  I had a half gallon of paint and I figured I had just enough to finish off the job with two coats and then have just a smidge left to have J do the edging when he got home and…oh, fudge! I dropped the paint!  Half the gallon went flying, upside down, on the hardwood floor, and I still have half the room to paint…lovely!  Luckily, it fell on my drop cloths (aptly named), but they’re just old sheets and not very waterproof, so initially I just used the drop cloths as my rolling pan, but I figured that probably wasn’t such a smart idea, so I scrambled and put a trash bag underneath the sheet so it wouldn’t leak onto the floor (luckily, it’s latex, so it’s water-soluble and easy to clean, but still…).  At this point, I think I figured that the Dropsies had the better of me and I should just stop anything that required precision and admit defeat.  J came home for lunch to drop off his iPhone (we don’t have a landline) so I informed him that he’d be finishing the edging when he got home from work.

Since I needed more paint (thank you, Gravity – it *is* the law after all), I was off to Home Depot to pick up some more Glidden Water Chestnut.  I figured the dog was being a good girl, so why not bring her with me?  The awesome thing about Oregon is that nobody even bats an eye when you bring a dog into Home Depot/Lowe’s.  Nor do they care if they’re on the train, the bus, etc.  So I got her all riled up, all excited and….oh, fudge. I forgot her friggin’ collar at home!!  I’m such a bad Mother!  Argh!!  Well, luckily, she can’t talk or else this could’ve been ugly.  She forgave me, I got my paint, and off we went to the grocery store to get rice.

Rice, rice, rice…Mexican/Asian aisle?  Ten-pound bag o’ rice?  Ummm….that’s not going to work because we’ll never eat it.  Goya rice?


Yea, perfect!  It comes in a single serving box.  There’s probably a flavor packet inside so I can just use the rice for a few days with my iPhone inside and then open the flavor packet and cook it (I know, really gross, right?) when we’re done.  That should be perfect.  So here I was, after a weird day, thinking that in the end I would have some triumphant story to tell my readers about how to rescue their cell phones from the brink of destruction, and I would emerge victorious, undeterred by the lemons life sometimes throws our way and…oh, fudge! The rice is mixed in with the flavorings!!!  I’m going to have Arroz Amarillo Flavored iPhone!!!  Though to be honest, after a day like yesterday, that sounded mighty delicious.  In the end, this is about how I felt after the end of yesterday (which explains why I didn’t update the blog):


My iPhone is cooked...

Luckily, the hubs saved the day by finishing the painting (thank you!!), buying more appropriate rice, and doing the best thing one could do after a day like that – just laugh at the hilarity.  And what’s the prognosis on the iPhone?  Well, aside from the fact that I presently have rice stuck in practically every nook and cranny of my phone, it does still work, though it’s off, still in a bowl of (unflavored) rice, and will probably remain that way until after the weekend just to be sure.  Then it’s onto the tweezers to remove rice bits, but I think the phone will be fine…I hope 😉


6 thoughts on “…it happens. Fudge.

  1. omg L…that sucks and freaking hilarious at the same time. you just gotta laugh though…what other choice do you have….good thing J has patience;-)

    • Good thing he does, indeed! I made myself a stiff drink and just laughed at the end of the day – what else are ya gonna do? HA HA!

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