Bathroom Demo Day 2

Woke up Sunday feeling like I’d been hit by a truck.  But we still had to remove the toilet, all of the shower tile and the remaining floor tile.  Removing the toilet wasn’t so easy….

A shoddy (and crooked) install meant we couldn’t undo the bolts.  We didn’t care that much to trouble shoot it, so out came the sledge!  So much for trying to recycle that loo to the Habitat for Humanities ReStore (they love low flow toilets!).  Moving on, we still have all of that floor tile to pull up which was a downright b$%^&!  By the end of the day, though, I was victorious!  Seriously, that floor didn’t come up without a fight and Queen B$%^& of the Household (that’d be me, L-blogger) prevailed over that stupid B%^&* of a floor.  In the end, it was MY B%^&*!  Yea, that’s right.  I called it out, I hammered away and that floor was gone, gone, GONE!!!!!!  Stupid miserable lil’…..I’m moving on, okay?!

Dr. J worked on the shower while I was wailing away on the floor.  We started with the weird arch-y thing and realized that a Sawz-all would probably be pretty damn useful about now.  We don’t own one and we’re in no hurry to get it down, so we just hacked away at what we could and moved on to the tile on the sides of the wall:

Check out that huge chunk of wall!!! Oh, sorry for the biker helmets - we improvised and this is what happens when non-contractors improvise. Better than ski helmets, though!!!!

What’s really funny about that last picture is that as I was taking it, the wall literally fell off and pushed Dr. J back into the corner – oops!  Oh, and the bike helmets were a “better than nothing” solution.  It was either that or ski helmets and it was too damn warm for that!  Anyway, the shower took a *really* long time to demo.  We opted to take the full wall approach rather than trying to demo individual tiles (too time consuming).  So we hammered away at the edges until we got a little clearance to the studs, stuffed our pry bars in there and yanked.  It may or may not have involved us climbing the wall to get the right leverage we needed and it took both of us to get ‘er done!  And then we had to carry all of the pieces down the stairs and holy crap!!!  MARBLE IS HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think the neighbors are fully aware that something nuts is going on.  We filled up another 4-5 bags of heavy duty trash bags and dragged them down stairs one by one (more on that later!!).

So at this point, the floor was out, the shower was out, the toilet out and our fears were kind of semi-confirmed about the mold issue on the back wall of the shower.  Fortunately it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be….but after only 6 years of use it shouldn’t have been bad at all!  Luckily the shower tub will also be coming out (eventually) and we’ll be replacing all of that sheathing with brand new here in a few weeks.  For now, we’re back to work this week and taking a break from all of the broo-ha-ha.  And it couldn’t have come soon enough.  I think Maggie was about to have a heart attack from all of the pounding!

Gratuitous puppy shot!

So here is where we left the day on Sunday night…

Toilet = GONE!

Not to mention the progress we made on Saturday with the vanity completely gone and the tub surround and tile all removed!  Overall, I’d call that a pretty sweet demolition!  And just remember, things have got to get ugly before they get prettier!!!


16 thoughts on “Bathroom Demo Day 2

  1. What up lil’ sista? Looking good. I soooo wish I could have been there for that demo, looked like fun. Couple of questions for ya. Do the walls that define the WC/shower area from the rest of the bath line up so a door could potentially be put there so one can, um, loooo while the other brushes their teeth? Are you going to put a vapor barrier up in the shower area? That may help keep the moisture (condensate) from getting behind the walls and causing the mold. OK, that is all I have. Have fun with this project, I am really envious of you being able to do this. Oh, and saws all, best $50 you will ever spend!!!

    • Hey, big brother!

      To your first question, the WC/shower area do not line up and we won’t be moving them so they do. We already had that consideration to put in a door, but the intent is to make that area open up a wee bit more since it feels so closed-in/dark in that corner. No natural light and only one dim overhead light at the moment. That will change. We definitely plan to put a vapor barrier up – the pic above we had already removed it since it was mildew-y and gross. And that sawz-all might be on the list…Dr. J does have a birthday coming up ;-).


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