It’s almost a full reveal….but not quite…

I’ll bet you’ve been wondering what the hell we’ve been up to these past few weeks.  Honestly if there were an award for “juggling” life, then I think we’d win hands down lately.  We’ve been hosting out of towners pretty much every weekend since mid-April and we’re STILL renovating on the side.  In fact, we are sooooo close to finished….SOOOOOO close.  But we are in that phase where it’s two steps forward, one step back if you know what I’m sayin’.  I’ll detail that later because I just don’t have the patience, but I took a couple minutes out of my (ridiculously) busy schedule to show you a little eye candy.  We still have a lot left to do (baseboards, moldings, touch up painting, more sealing, caulking, grouting and buying all of the fun stuff like accessories, art, towel bars, etc.).  But here ya go….so you don’t think I’m completely ignoring this blog…

Our glorious vanity!

Shower Right

Shower Left

The tub, which is empty of tools for the first time in THREE MONTHS!

So really….all of that hard work is starting to feel worth something in the end…. ;-)….but on the seventh day….we rested…

We’re remodeling our master bathroom and it’s a doozy!  You can click on the following links below to see what it’s all about: The Bathroom begins…Demolition Day 1 and Day 2 and how we got rid of all that trash!  Our budget and a tile previewand a little look-see into what MY view is when my hubby is installing electrical and avideo view of what all of the demolition looked like before we started installing things. Check out our desperate attempt to keep the house clean while we renovate and another video update with a sneak peek at our gorgeous marble floors!  Then you can also see moments of despair as we struggle to maintain sanity after over a month of bathroom renovating!  And then there was paint…  And then the cabinets and toilet were installed…  And then we began tiling…….and then it started to look like a bathroom again!  Stay tuned for more updates!


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