Jeepers, Creepers…where’d you get those….faucets?

I don’t usually do an entire post to one room’s sources, but I thought the bathroom renovation was kind of a special situation.  It was a HUGE renovation and I’m getting a TON of questions about where some of the items came from so I thought this would help everybody!  I’ll just do this one picture at a time, so bear with me.

The Vanity Area

Paint Color:  Light French Gray by Behr (Home Depot) Cabinetry:  Thomasville Cabinetry from Home Depot in “Heirloom Black”, Countertops:  Samsung Composite Manmade Countertops in Aspen Snow from Home Depot, Sinks:  Integrated with the countertops, Floor tiles:  Marble from Home Depot, Backsplash tiles:  White Subway tile from Home Depot, Mirrors:  Home Depot, Door Hardware:  Home Depot for the knobs, eBay for the bin pulls, Faucets:  Chrome fixtures from, Lights:, Plant on the left sink:  Faux orchid from Target, Towel Bars: Home Depot, Towels: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Bath accessories: York accessories from Bed, Bath & Beyond, Bath mats:  Fieldcrest Blue Stripe from Target

Tub Area

Faucets:, White Mirrors:  Target black mirrors that I painted white, Glass canisters:  HomeGoods, Tile and trim:  Home Depot

Silk Embroidered Prints:  Souvenirs from my Mom’s travels in Vietnam, Silver metal frames: Ikea, Glass canister:  Unknown

Toilet:  Sterling Brand from Home Depot, Toilet Paper holder: Home Depot, Face Tissue Box on toilet: York brand from Bed, Bath & Beyond, White Shelves:  West Elm, Wicker baskets:  Upside down face tissue boxes from West Elm, Conch Shell: West Elm, Print + Frame:  Pencil drawing of Biltmore Mansion in a Target Frame


Shower door:  Home Depot, Floor tile:  Tumbled Carrera Marble from Home Depot, Faucet System:  Dual head shower system from, Wall Tiles: White Subway tiles from Home Depot

OK, I *think* that’s it!  But if I’ve missed something, please let me know!  I’ll be happy to update it if I know or point you in the right direction if I don’t :-).  Happy shopping!


10 thoughts on “Jeepers, Creepers…where’d you get those….faucets?

  1. You are just looking for a reason to put more pictures of your bathroom out here. Regardless of the reason, the bathroom looks awesome, if the jobs you both have now don’t pan out, you could always go into the renovation business! 🙂

  2. DANG I remember when we had our ladies’ party in there and the thing was a wreck. That looks gorgeous!! I’ll have to see it in real life in November and perhaps bring you another plant to put somewhere in there :o)

  3. I am LOVING your bathroom! We have a similar builder-basic home and we’ve been spending forever trying to personalize it. I swear we are bathroom twins, I painted mine a very similar blue and put up 2 mirrors over the vanity. I LOVE the cabinets in between though. Are those just a base of drawers with a cabinet on top? Would love more info on that!

    Thanks for giving me yet another blog to follow!

  4. Wow! You did such an incredible job! I love your blog!!!! Do you mind telling me how you painted those mirrors in your bathroom? I have the same ones from Target (they are black) and can’t figure out how you did it without getting paint on the mirror part! Did you tape the mirror and then spray paint them white!? Thank you!

    • Hi, Louisa –

      It was a veeeeery sloooooow process. I didn’t tape the mirror. I used a really small craft brush to get in all of the nooks and crannies and put a piece of paper underneath the metal frame to avoid getting it on the mirror. Also, we used a blade at the end to get off any of the paint smudges. It was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it! Time consuming, but worth it!


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