It’s Not Easy Being Green: Earth Day, 2010!

Because we spend sooooo much time doing house projects, I don’t often have the time to really write about another passion of mine: being green!  Not green with envy.  Not green with overflowing cash in my pockets.  Green as in being environmentally friendly!  And can I just say one thing?  Kermit was right; it’s not easy being green…

In case you didn’t know, April 22nd, 2010 is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!  I read recently somewhere that it was actually the iconic photograph “Earthrise” taken by Apollo 8 Astronaut William Anders that really encouraged us earthlings to take care of our one and only home.  Who better to give us that lesson than the select few who have actually *left* home and survived to tell the tale?

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It’s such an iconic photograph and it always sends shivers down my spine when I think of how small that little blue marble is.  Then I have a second thought, “Crap!  Ya mean this is the only planet God gave us?!?  What about the home warranty and all that jazz?!  Do I really have to be responsible for cleaning and mopping and dusting that whole marble?!  Sheesh!  That sounds like a lotta work!”  And, what’s scary, is that I’m totally correct – it *is* a lot of work!  And can I save the planet?  Hell no!  But can I do small things around my house, my home, and my life to hopefully to live a little more green-ly and hopefully impart that wisdom onto my progeny someday?  I certainly hope so!  Will it make a difference in the grand scheme of things?  Probably not, but whether or not you believe global warming is a falsehood or a truth, one thing is absolutely certain; we’ve only got one home, peeps.  And until NASA perfects that whole terraforming technology, I think we’re going to be stuck here…together…so clean up your room!

So I thought it might be good idea to start another “regular article” about green-ness and I’m titling it, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”.  Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that I am not perfect and that sometimes I’m pretty lazy about being environmentally friendly (or just downright forgetful).  But I think striving for perfection is *never* a bad thing particularly when it’s in the pursuit of the common good. And so long as it doesn’t sacrifice your sanity, self-esteem, or health in the process, then I think striving for perfection isn’t always such a bad thing.

Now while I am not about to detail every little thing about how to green-i-fy your home, I do think that as a celebration of Earth Day, we should all try to take the tortoise over the hare approach.  Rather than running out today and buying all eco-friendly cleaning products and/or recycling everything in your house, just try to do one thing differently this week that’s a little more “green”.  It could be anything from perusing the house for re-usable bags and resolving to throw them in the back of your car and use every time you go to the grocery store (think about it, we’ve all got bags we never use – no need to buy brand new ones if you’ve already got a stash at home!).  It could also be as simple as carpooling once or twice a week to work.  Or you could drag a re-usable water bottle with you wherever you go (including to work) so that when you’re hankering for a drink, you’ll keep those empty bottles out of our landfills!

So there ya have it!  Just a little encouragement to get you going on the right track of living more green!  I don’t think everybody needs to be 100% green and organic and sustainable, etc.  But if everybody makes one small change here and there, then what the heck is wrong with that?!

By the way, this tortoise over the hare approach *also* works for dieting – only changing one habit a week so that instead of a great shock to your system, you adapt much more slowly to your new surroundings until, voila!  You’ve just made a whole lifestyle change and you didn’ t even know it!  Did somebody attend Weight Watcher’s as a kid or what?!

If you’d like to know how to build your own Worm/Composting Bin, check out this article.  Stay tuned for other Kermit-like nuggets of knowledge in the future!