I’m not gonna mince words – moving blows!

Welp, last week was a bust in terms of “vacation”.  I took the whole week off from work and I busted my butt from sun-up to sun-down for 7 whole days and, MAN, is my body ticked because of it.  I don’t remember hurting this badly since my freshman year of Band Camp at Ohio University.  And Homecoming every year after, but who’s counting?

I’d love to provide some pictures but my camera battery is dead and I can’t find the cord.  Office, maybe?  In a box?  Likely at the bottom of the pile…?

Needless to say, everything went about as smoothly as it could go if things like this CAN go smoothly (that’s arguable).  Moving is always a stressful time, especially when you are moving across state lines.  Now that we’re here, it’s a sprint to get our cars registered, new IDs, etc, etc.  I’m just hoping that the written driver test here is easier than it was in Oregon.  Dr. J failed it the first time around and I barely passed.  Awesome.  Let’s just schedule that ahead of time as an entirely lost afternoon when I get around to it.  Maybe I can drive out of the city and find a really quiet DMV?  My other biggest concern was around voting.  We’ve decided to absentee vote in Oregon this year and we’ll register in California after the election.  That way I can say I’ve voted in three states!  And not illegally either!  As a total legit resident!  Beat that!

I’ll be back soon to give you some “empty” shots of the house in Oregon.  That seriously pulled at my heartstrings, lemme tell ya.  But that’s another story for another day.  We’ll also be giving shots of the new pad with a rundown of “plans” that we have including painting and maybe a few minor changes – with our landlady’s permission, of course :-).

Other than that, we’re all doing well.  Maggie is probably doing the best since she was able to finally catch up on sleep this weekend while Dr. J and I busted ass to get the kitchen, office and bedroom mostly functional.  The house is still a box graveyard but at least we can get up and down stairs now.

More to come!  Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “I’m not gonna mince words – moving blows!

  1. 1 box at a time. I hear 1 beer per box helps with the sting of unpacking as well. Can’t help you with the hangover though ;-).

  2. 1 beer per box??? I hope those are big boxes, otherwise the hangover might include waking up outside after you passed out.

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