Operation California begins in 3….2….1…..

We’re officially leaving Oregon.  We have a plan!  It’s for real this time!  Let’s start with the overall gist – you can get more details if you keep reading.

  • We’ve found a town home down in San Jose, California that we feel could be “home” for a few years
  • We have a tentative move-out date of October 1 and, lastly…
  • We have a Property Manager picked out to supervise all of the nitty-gritty of managing our house as a rental property so we don’t have to.

Phew!  That’s a lot!  Yup, we’re DOIN’ this!  So if you’re a glutton for punishment (or an internet stalker – I know you’re out there), then feel free to read forward on this page for more detail than you can shake a stick at…

The new place:

Bear in mind that I have not actually seen this place, but I trust my hubby to have found a place that will work for us in the long run and the pics he took of the property are far and away better than anything I’ve seen in the previous 7-8 months and they were pretty grainy iPhone shots.  It’s been an odyssey finding a decent place that didn’t feel absolutely crap-tacular, cramped or cost us an arm and a leg!  I can’t say that it’s not still going to cost us an arm and a leg, but this is definitely a place where patience was a virtue and we got so lucky to find it when we did.  Overall, it’s a 3 bedroom, 3-story town home with a 2-car garage and around 1800 square feet according to the online ad – although a lot of that is hallways and stairs so it looks much smaller than 1800 square feet.  It has everything we need and nothing that we don’t.  There’s no yard, but we were mentally prepared for that anyway as NO PLACE that we could afford had a yard.  Also, it’s California.  If I’m not getting my ass outside every day to walk the dog, then I’m just a jerk and a wimp.  I’m from Ohio originally and have spent the last 4 years in Oregon.  California is going to seem like a dream come true weather-wise compared to those two places so I *really* can’t complain about not having a yard…but I might change my mind once I become a California softie…

We don’t have pictures yet (at least, none we feel comfortable posting here since it’s not our stuff in the pictures), but we’ve already secured ahead of time that we can paint the walls in our new place and publish photos on the blog so you can bet that we’ll be “re-making” a new place, albeit this time without too much surgery.  It’ll be an interesting challenge to makeover a place where I can’t do much more than superficial changes so paint and decor is where it’s gonna be for a few years and it’ll be interesting to see how I cope with that.  A lot of bloggers do it very successfully, I might add – just check out The Nester and The Borrowed Abode if you don’t believe me.  The fun part is that since we’ll have a garage we can keep all of our tools and jump on the opportunity to build more “modular” solutions to suit a rental lifestyle – i.e. more furniture and less built-ins.  Regardless, it’ll be an interesting journey and I’m glad we have this here blog to start that quest all over again!

Moving our stuff:

We’ve done this before.  And we learned our lesson.  If you’re getting relocation from your company/new job, don’t pack anything yourself.  When we moved to Oregon four years ago from Ohio, the *cheapest* part of the move was the pack!  We thought we were being all smart and saving ourselves oodles of money by packing everything except for the breakables.  Lemme tell ya something – it really wasn’t worth it and we probably saved ourselves about a hundred bucks.  Ugh!  Fugheddaboudit.  A good moving company will pack up everything for you AND insure it so if anything breaks, it’s their problem to replace and not yours.  Since we’re not going to be able to get around the price of gas (that’s always fixed and not something we can control), we’re going to just go with our gut and have them pack it all, pack it in, drive it down, unload the truck and be on their way.  We are in no rush to get things unpacked in California when we get there – we’re not hosting any holidays this year and we’ve quietly limited our out-of-town guests as much as possible so there is no pressure to get things “perfect” before anybody comes to visit, so we can unpack as we go and take our time.  Absolutely worth the expense in the long run.

The move date is tentatively scheduled for October 1st, which means the movers will come to start packing things that day and will begin driving down to San Jose that night.  Then after that, we are slated to move into the place in San Jose whenever the truck shows up down there, which gives us a cushion of a few days to get the house cleaned up, the carpets steamed so that we can….

Rent out the old place:

…turn everything over to a local Property Manager here in Portland so they can handle all of the day-to-day.  They take care of everything, including finding a tenant, doing the background checks, getting them into the property, collecting the rent, and managing any maintenance issues that might crop up.  Overall, the only thing we need to take care of on our own is paying the mortgage and the HOA fees.  We’ll get an automatic deposit of cash every month and they trim about 8% off the top for expenses and the like.  It’s the best thing that will work for us at this point!  We know selling isn’t an option for us right now (you can read more about why by clicking here) so we may as well try to rent it out, make a little bit of income on the side which is preferable to listing, letting it sit and then earn nothing off of it.  Fingers crossed it all goes well!  Once it’s listed, maybe we’ll post it here and if anybody wants to rent it…..*wink*wink*…

Please rent me!

In final:

We have a busy month ahead.  Most of it is administrative work that needs to be done and not much that people can really help with.  However, once the house is empty, then we’ll definitely be hitting the ground running in terms of getting the house spotless, the carpets cleaned, etc.  I do have a fabulous cleaning lady, but that last week we’re here will be sort of a race to the finish line.  We’ll be sure to ask for volunteers if we need them!  We may need to crash at somebody’s house that first week of October if anybody is willing to open their doors…*hint*hint*…

Questions?  Concerns?  Anybody else making a big cross-country move this fall?  Having done this once before, it seems so much easier this time around…


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