Yes, we’re still alive…

No, we didn’t crash and burn between Portland and Silicon Valley.  It’s been a whirlwind few days of packing, unpacking, moving, blah, blah, blah.  We’re still in the discovery mode of, “Where is the nearest Grocery store?” and, “Ohmygod, I need an oil change – stat!”  Yea, I didn’t exactly have time to prepare THAT well before we moved – le sigh.

So here’s where we are – and this is a picture-less post for reasons I will explain in a minute.  We’ve unpacked almost everything and have “settled” as well as we think we reasonably can for an apartment that we are not quite ready to call our “permanent” place.  We still have piles of boxes everywhere with the thinking that we may just end up moving again before we’ve lived here a full 30 days – again, more on that later.  We also don’t have internet set up in our place yet – though the internet Lords are supposedly at our apartment right now with Dr. J while I’m ensconced safely at work, so hopefully before this day is through we can take some pics of our new place and show you it in all of its “underwhelmingness” – haha!  Hence, no real picture postings to share.

My first impressions?  The traffic isn’t as bad, the drivers are horrible (I can’t decide if they’re aggressive @$$holes, bad drivers or just simply Californian), the weather is a little like living in that movie “The Truman Show” (perfect *every*single*day* – completely not normal for this originally Midwestern girl) and living in a two-story walk-up with a pup isn’t as terrible as I thought it would be, though I think she’s mostly bored to tears.  It helps that the weather is always nice so taking her on walks  really isn’t a big problem – I may change my tune come winter.  In other Maggie news, she’s still not quite accustomed to all of the “noises” like car doors and people walking outside our window, so she’s a little jumpy and barky but we’re adapting by keeping a fan on for “white noise”, so that helps – we tried last night to go “fan-less” and she barked at least every hour on the hour – “Bark!  It’s 1 am and all’s well!”.  She’s also made a million and a half friends with all of the cute kids in our complex and has licked the crap out of practically all of them – she would’ve been a great Momma.  I’m also getting used to an endless morass of people everywhere *all*of*the*time* and can really appreciate why people around these parts buy a place in Lake Tahoe just to “get away from it all”.  No, I really do!

As for “plans” at this point?  We’re still trying to figure that out.  We may end up moving before our first 30 days are up on the lease simply because I don’t really have a decent place to work from home.  Even though my company is based here in SV, they’re not looking to provide me with a cube or an office anytime soon so I do need a decent place to squat from at home.  Working from the kitchen table, the bed or the couch just isn’t going to work for me in the long term.  However, we’re also not looking to spend a ton of money until we can lease our house back in Portland (which we haven’t even started marketing yet) and even when we do get our house leased, I’d much rather be saving my cash for “the perfect place to buy” in a few years.  I may be spoiled, but I can deal with an ugly place so long as it “functions” for the needs that we have.  The present place just isn’t quite at full functioning for us right now.  But it was cheap, took dogs and, most importantly – it was available!

So that’s what’s up with Tell’er All About It…still figuring things out and trying to stay “sane”.  Expect an update soon with pics of the new place – word is we’ve finally got internet at home!  God, how can one live without it???


7 thoughts on “Yes, we’re still alive…

  1. Don’t know where you’re living, but it makes a huge difference in what city/neighborhood you choose. Take time to investigate different areas. We lived in the area for 17 years, but moved to Santa Cruz/Aptos. Lots of people drive “over the hill” to work. It’s so much more quiet over here by the beach.
    Good luck!

  2. Welcome to California! And the drivers i have to agree are bad. In my opinion it is their aggressiveness. If you need to get away from it all Monterey is a great place to explore the coast.

  3. Yeah, people everywhere and constant noise is one of the hardest parts about living in this area for me. And yes, drivers here are assholes. There’s no two ways about it. BMW and Prius drivers are the worst.

    • Oh, thank you casacaudill! I was afraid that comment would really tick some people off! And my Oregon plates make me stick out like a sore thumb – haha!

  4. Hang in there. And definitely save your money, we need a west coast vacay spot:-). Just kidding. Cannot wait to be underwhelmed by the pics.

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