Before & After Bliss: Our (new and improved) Home Office

(I apologize if you got this updated in your stream 4-5 times.  I realized after posting it that I posted the wrong draft!  Oops!  Here’s the updated post)

I could really hurt your brain by explaining the whole process of the office, but I have to admit – we didn’t take a whole lot of pictures and explaining it isn’t NEARLY as much fun as just SHOWING you.  We took a few iPhone photos, but that’s about it.  For the most part, we used the following “plans” from Ana White as our jump off point to create our own (albeit larger) knockoff wood project a la Pottery Barn and then built it with our own mettle and might simply because we’re crazy like that.  But you can return to the beginning and check out this post and this one to see how this all came about.  So, without further ado, from the creativity of my screwed up (evil genius) brain, the simple plans of Ana White, the sheer brawn of my woodworking husband and the good people of Ikea for giving us a discount on two Oak Butcher Block Countertops, I present to you our new and improved office in all of its glory:

Before (s)




Pretty, eh? We still have some cord management issues to tackle, but other than that, this sucker’s D-O-N-E! We even splurged for one of those adjustable keyboard/mouse trays so that (hopefully) my neck and shoulders will be a wee bit happier. Maybe I just need a massage. Or a new line of work. But OHMYGOODNESS is it not gorgeous?!? My hubby is amazing, I tell ya. This was (a big part) of my birthday present to build a new workstation that we could both use eventually. It’s such a point of pride, too, to say, “Yea, we BUILT that mother trucker!” I have a hard time putting my head around it as well, but I am just so tickled with it!  But seriously. What do you think?? You Tell’Us!


15 thoughts on “Before & After Bliss: Our (new and improved) Home Office

  1. It looks awesome. Love the butcher block. When Dr j learns how to work w copper, he can come finish my office for me. I thought you would put it on the window wall though. Why didn’t you?

    • Thanks!! We love it. We’re working on welding – it’s our next project – haha!

      We didn’t put it on the window wall because the closet butts right up to to that wall. So we would’ve sacrificed either the depth of the desk or the length of the desk and we wanted both! This way we got the best of both worlds 🙂


      • rather – the closet butts up to the window wall and only gives us about 12 inches depth and less than 12′ of length.

    • Hi, Kathy –

      It actually came from Ikea! It’s Oak Butcher Block countertops and I believe they came in 6′ long segments (we had to trim them down a bit to fit).

      Hope this helps!

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  3. I just want to say that just as you are super fans of Young House Love, I am also just as excited to be super fan of your blog….I found so so so much inspiration from your DIY projects and your amazing eye for detail and thriftiness. My absolute favorite is this Home office makeover(which me, my daughter, and husband attempted to re-create for our bedroom and I love it), your Ikea wall bookshelf, and your Laundry room makeover!! Now I just won the lottery because I came back on your page, and just found out you’re on Pinterest which I just joined and have officially became obsessed with in the last month so I will be definitely following you to find inspiration!!….Anyway, keep up the great posts :))

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