A Painter’s Paradise becomes a prevailing predicament

Did you like my alliterative attempt there?  It’s an allusion to our old office which used to be a child’s bedroom before we moved in, complete with dirty walls, marker and paint smears on the walls and everything.  But then we made it over.  Do you remember this workspace from the days of yore?:

God, those pictures are old!  August, ’09 if you’re curious – the very first room we “made over”.  Haha – MY, how things have changed since then!

Once upon a time, I used to work in a standard office – had a cube, a long commute and the whole shebang.  These days, however, I’m spending more and more time working from home – one of the great benefits of working in the tech industry.  I have an office here in town that I scoot into a few times a week but for the most part, I spend a good deal of my time working from home with my co-pilot, Maggie:

God, she’s lazy…but I digress.  When we first moved into the house, the office was one of the first places that we “made over”.  We painted the room (Glidden Water Chestnut if you’re curious), changed out the baseboards and brought in our old furniture and just plopped it down to start using it.  In theory, it was “completed”, which you can read all about by clicking here and checking out the photos above.  Then after August of 2009, we did nothing to that room.  Zilch.  Nada.  Zip-o.  We did a bit of a furniture shuffle awhile back and moved the erstwhile TV Stand back to the Room of Requirement to actually be used AS a TV stand, which meant that the old dining table got moved into the office to serve as a “workspace”, which was a decent space to work at every once and awhile, but a TERRIBLE day-to-day workspace (check out Maggie in her daily “perch” under the table):

The old computer armoire (seen here) hadn’t worked as a decent workspace for awhile mostly because there wasn’t enough surface area for me to spread out with paper and it also felt entirely too cave-like.

It was also my *very*first*ever* furniture purchase back in 2004 when I moved out of my parents’ house and the knotty pine just wasn’t me anymore.  I thought about painting it, but that wouldn’t mask the fact that the piece just wasn’t functional to begin with.  And you can see from THIS photo of it entirely empty the other night that there were only two drawers in the whole thing, which meant that paper clutter just piled up EVERYwhere…hence, we were desperate for more storage!

So about 5-6 months ago we began formulating plans to rebuild our office so that it actually functions for the way we need to use it.  Besides, working at a dining table that is entirely too tall is absolutely killing my neck and shoulders on a day-to-day basis.  So I did what I always do when I’m wondering what precisely needs to be done – comb the interwebs – and every blogger’s newest obsession, Pinterest!

We basically decided that two workspaces would be necessary – one for my work computer and another for our home computer.  And since we have about 12 feet of wall on one side of the room (as seen in this WAY old pic from 2009 before we even painted the room):

…we figured why not go ahead and use up ALL of that space on the wall adjacent to the window?  We would have roughly 12′ of space to work with and could easily get a countertop that goes from corner to corner to maximize as much workspace as possible!  DONE!  Sold to the man in the funny hat!

So then I sat down to do what I always do when I’m coming up with a plan – I make drawings.  Usually during work meetings when I’m supposed to be paying attention to…ahem….OTHER things….but we won’t talk about that now.  In fact, here is my original drawing, edits and all, that we used as the basis for the whole damn thing:

Storage?  Check!  Two workspaces?  Check!  It all makes so much sense now.  And I want to show it to you.  Seriously, I do.  But it’s late, I’ve been a’workin’ all day already and I’m tired.  So you’ll just have to wait.  But it’s amazing.  Seriously, I love it!  Can’t. Wait. To. Show. You!


3 thoughts on “A Painter’s Paradise becomes a prevailing predicament

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  2. I had a computer armoire for a while, too, it was awful to work at/in. Great job taking your beautiful inspiration and making a lovely, functional office space!

    • Carole –

      Isn’t that so funny that they SEEM quite practical but then they just feel so cave-like to work at/in. It’s too bad, too – because it really was a beautiful piece of furniture.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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