Blogging can be awesome!

I love to blog. I really wish I could dedicate more of my days to just sitting down and writing like a fiend. But then there’s work and laundry and dinner and dog walking and….ya know…life. But I do it because I love it and it’s my creative outlet and stress reliever – weird, but true! Regardless, I do it for myself and also for my family and friends who are so far away they might as well be on the moon. To be able to “share” my Pacific Northwest adventures and journeys with my faraway family is really one of the marvels of the 21st century!

However, there really are times when I sometimes feel like I’m yakkin’ to myself and think,”Hello, is there anyone out there…?” So when another blogger stops by to comment or give me kudos, it really broadens my horizons a wee bit and makes me appreciate the grander “community” of home bloggers out there – and, man, there must be THOUSANDS! I have a Google Reader FILLED with amazing bloggers and blog friends and I love seeing what they’re doing on a daily basis. There really are some creative cats out there and they make what I do look like child’s play. But I don’t ever feel the LEAST bit inadequate to ask a question about how somebody did something or their inspiration for doing so, etc. Everybody is out to help everyone else and THAT is truly amazing to me. It’s like Better Homes & Gardens turned interactive only it’s REAL and not staged by a stylist or explained only in the most basic terms to make you feel like a total idiot when you try to attempt it yourself and wonder why you fail. It’s way better than HGTV or The Food Network because it’s real people with real lives, timelines and budgets and I find more inspiration from this amazing community than just about anything else.

So this is where I say THANK YOU to some amazing bloggers who were so kind enough to write posts about our finally completed bathroom remodel last week. It’s been a doozy these past few weeks in terms of traffic on this blog and it’s been fun to “talk” to some people virtually about their upcoming renovations and dreams. But let me give some MASSIVE kudos to the following people:

The DIY Showoff was one of the first places I found when I started blogging. Roeshel has been around for awhile and is currently renovating her beautiful 1927 farmhouse in a way that should really be featured in a Pottery Barn catalog. She has been so gracious to feature us a few times before and she was so gracious to actually invite ME to be featured one time back in the day when we refinished our hutch and I was so grateful for the early exposure to a wider range of readers! I’ve been a loyal follower ever since and she wrote a nice post this week about our bathroom remodel which you should click over to see! Thanks, Roeshel for the sweet write up! What an honor to be featured again!!

Cassity over at has to be one of the hardest working bloggers in all of blogger-dom…blogger-land? Not only does she do three posts PER DAY, but she also manages to juggle being a wife, mother and chronic remodeler (heh – I can certainly relate!). Not only is she making over her current house (including her most recent stairway renovation), but she’s on her THIRD (yes, I said THIRD) remodel! We’re only on our first and I’m pretty sure it might kill us! Haha! One of the best things about her website is that her fans are like-minded people like Dr. J and I – just regular people remodeling their homes and making the most out of small budgets, poor layouts and wonky builder features. If you love Before & Afters, THIS is the place to get your fix. We’ve actually been featured a few times on Remodelaholic. The first time was our Knotty Pine Hutch transformation (that’s a popular one, I tell ya!), then our Guest Bedroom Transformation and lastly our HUGE Laundry Room remodel from last summer! So I was still quite verklempt when she agreed to feature out bathroom remodel a few days ago. It was an honor to be featured and we are so grateful for the additional exposure!

Kristin from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia is another West Coaster like me! Though she lives in sunny San Diego and I’m stuck with raindrops and Gore-Tex most of the year ;-). Her budget kitchen remodel is what I show to my husband at least every other week. She took her kitchen from this:

to this…

The first time I saw that makeover I immediately thought, “There’s NO WAY that can be the same space!” She never even removed the cabinets! She simply moved a few cabinets, modified them with some custom finishes and painted them all a creamy white color that looks like a million bucks even though it was all done on an EXTREME budget! Seriously, click here for the details – her kitchen takes my breath away every time I see it!

So recently, Kristin had a fire in her downstairs bathroom and has been in the process of “rebuilding” her bathroom – with a couple of upgrades, of course ;-). So I left her a comment on her blog showing her our renovation so that she could get some more bathroom inspiration and then she asked if she could feature our blog on hers!  Really?!?!?  Awesome-sauce!!  So if you want to see our full on blogging feature, then click on over here and check out some of the nice things she had to say!! 

So that’s it!  Isn’t it enough to stroke our big egos??  Haha!  But seriously, thank you so much to The DIY Showoff, Remodelaholic and My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia for being so gracious!  But what are you waiting for!  Hop on over there and show them some love and devotion 🙂


2 thoughts on “Blogging can be awesome!

  1. What a great post! I 100% feel the same exact way about the blogging community. I love connecting with real people who share my DIY passion! And I LOVE your projects (obviously!). Thank YOU so much for the shout out. Thank you for putting into words how I think a lot of us feel about our online friends. 🙂

    Have a wonderful long holiday weekend!

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