Bad blogger, bad blogger!

I am.  I truly am BAD at blogging.  I don’t blog every day.  I don’t “Pinterest” like it’s my job – ’cause I’ve got a regular 9 to 5 and it keeps me PLENTY busy.  I don’t have giveaways once/week.  I don’t really craft.  I read other peoples’ blogs but then I always forget to comment and say, “Good job!”  I don’t go to blogging events and/or conferences.  Hell, I just frankly S-U-C-K at keeping up with this here blog at times…

However, I feel I have a very good excuse for being a “bad blogger”.  Let me show you some numbers.  We started our bathroom renovation 22 weeks ago this past Saturday, July 30.  In that timeframe, we more-or-less finished an entire bathroom gut job (it’s 90% there and holding for reasons that I’m explaining in this post) and hosted out-of-town guests and/or were out of town for (wait for it) a total of 16 times (17 if you count this past weekend and Dr. J was out of town while I stayed home)!!!!  Some of those were during the weeks, but generally they were on the weekends.  There was one week where we had to change the guest room sheets three times!  Some of those guests were repeats, but for the most part we got to introduce more than a dozen friends and family to new experiences in the Pacific Northwest!  It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad we have that dedicated guest space for everybody to use!  But daaaaaaamn…..was it tiring.  And having to share shower and bath space with most of those guests for that timeframe got a little old, to say the least.  So things have been a wee bit quiet on the blog and I *still* haven’t revealed the bathroom in all of its glory, so let’s get a little update goin’ for all the curious stalkers.

So here’s a quick update on the bathroom….ya ain’t missin’ much.  The last time we worked on the bathroom was back here when we got the shower door installed.  I think since that time we’ve purchased a couple of shelves (that are still only halfway installed), bought a couple of accessories and that’s about it.  We still have to finish up the baseboards, hang crown molding and do a TON of touch up painting, caulking and sealing.  Needless to say we’re kind of crossing over the finish line by way of the Horn of Africa – i.e. we’re taking our sweet @$$ time, piracy not included.  Rather, we’ve been a little busy (see paragraph above).  My point?  We definitely have a lot of finishing up to do in there and hope to get it ALL wrapped up officially in August.  At that point I’ll definitely be sharing the full makeover (video and all) with pics, budget rundowns, the whole effin’ she-bang!!!

Which brings me to everybody’s favorite question – ok, mostly my Mom who is greedy for me to do more makeovers like an Extreme Makeover junkie – seriously, somebody has GOT to control that woman.  The big question is, “What’s next?!?!”  Since I’m not really in the habit of starting a project without finishing the first, I thought I’d break up that trend a little bit since the bathroom was a bit of a doozy and there’s only so much caulking, tiling, drywalling and grouting that a gal can do before she starts to go a little stir crazy!  Basically, our next project is going to be….

In fact, it’s already somewhat in progress.  New bedding is on order, new furniture has been delivered (more on that later), I got new lamps and I’m eyeing a couple of new nightstands and starting to brainstorm new paint colors…I can’t help it.  The room is starting to feel very drab/taupe/dull to me and I need a change.  I did a mini-switch about a year and a half ago but that old bedding is just not gonna make it to Christmas (especially since Maggie has made it her mission to jump into bed with us every single morning for her daily cuddle – even if it is only for 5 minutes).  Seriously, here are a few pics….and notice how she only gets up on Daddy’s side?  Hrmm…

Trying to appear coy..

UNDER the blanket, mind you...

...apologies to my husband for showing him shirtless but this is by far the cutest pic of Maggie!

Love that pooch.  She’s so damn cute….but back to the bedroom!  Basically, I’ve been sporting the same taupe-y style in the bedroom since 2004 when I made my first foray into design while still living at my parents house (which I don’t have a picture of).  The same essential paint colors and accessories have been following me around ever since then and the bedding is definitely starting to show its age.  You can see several iterations of the same basic design by looking at the pics below:

The Master Bedroom in our first Condo, circa 2007

First rental house in Oregon! Same motif

First iteration at the new house...

Starting to look a little tired, eh?  I thought so too.  I don’t know that we’ll get around to painting the room just yet, but we might tackle that as a somewhat “small” project sometime in the fall/winter.  We’ve become such old pros at painting anymore that pulling a room apart really is such a drop in the bucket compared to what we’ve done so far!  The hardest part now is painting rooms that are full of furniture.  Always a good time.  And for a really LONG project down the road…we’re kind of tossing around this sort of idea:


…pretty, huh?  The room needs a little pizazz.  And it needs glamour and WOW!  Right now it’s just saying….*yawn*….which isn’t a bad thing….except for when you’d like to spend time in your room reading or enjoying the view:

…time to get down to it.  Oh, and I’ll be showing pics of the new furniture here very soon…


3 thoughts on “Bad blogger, bad blogger!

  1. Your first paragraph has me cracking up because that’s our blog in a nutshell. No contests, no link parties, no decorating for every major (and minor) holiday, no crafts, no conferences (in fact, the thought of going to BlogHer gives me the hives). And yet I keep writing when I can. I like to tell myself that someone out there cares. Clearly I’m interested in your progress since you’re still in my Google Reader. 😀

    • Hi, casacaudill –

      Well, that makes me feel better! We can both sit in the back of the class and spit spit-balls 🙂 Thanks for stickin’ with me, though! Lord knows I’ve left many-a-reader behind with my slacker-ness 🙂


  2. I am also a bad, bad blogger and I just started last week! At least you have readers, which is more than I can say right now. It’s just so hard to keep up while working full time, chasing a toddler, and getting my MBA. Why do I have a blog again? No wonder…
    Anyway, the reason I was commenting was because of your ‘speculative’ bedroom idea. We did something very very similar for our daughter’s nursery. I would love to give you a link to see a picutre, but I don’t start my ‘Home Remodeling’ series on my blog until Friday, and I haven’t posted about it yet..shocking, I know. But we are very hapy with it, and I think that you will be too.
    I found your blog today via the DIY Show off. I have added you to my blog roll so I can follow your every move!

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