Lightening never strikes twice….or does it? A tale of a twice Freshly Pressed Blog!

First there was The Godfather, then The Godfather, Part II and everybody said lightening couldn’t strike twice.  Then Star Wars, then Empire, then Jedi…that was THRICE (and, no, the prequels don’t count).  Then there is WordPress, where we can be “Freshly Pressed”, an honor that I was so lucky to have bestowed upon me last August when I yakked it up over a TV stand that the hubs and I built back in the “days of yore”.  It was a throwaway article that I wrote in about an hour one night and never expected to get any recognition for it.  It was an incredible honor that increased my readership by about tenfold and opened up my audience to a whole different set of readers.  What a fun day that was!

But in WordPress, lightening NEVER strikes twice….or does it?

….apparently it does….for one lucky blogger-ista!  And that blogger-ista is moi!  Again, it was another “throwaway post”.  A post that I’ve been working on in my head for months with the expectation that I’d get off of my @$$ eventually and actually take pictures to show off all of the changes to our house since the bathroom renovation has essentially gobbled up any and ALL free time.  It was a post that I was mostly hoping my Mom would read so that she could see all of the fun things we’ve been doing and so I could finally tackle my  Nickel Tour page that was so seriously outdated it may as well have been another house!  And I wrote it at night and posted it before going to bed, realizing that site stats are less important than the stats on my house.  I refuse to be completely battered and bruised by my lack of readers and subscribers.  It matters not what people think of me or my writing, damnit!  I do this not for fame or fortune but for my family and friends who live far away and want to know what’s going on in our lives.  Oh, and I do it for me – because it’s fun to have a creative outlet where I can just be me and being me is more important that site stats and whoever else gives a damn about the color of my walls in the Room of Requirement….

But I’m not going to lie.  Being recognized is pretty damn awesome!  And to be recognized during a particularly stressful and sad week for me personally was doubly awesome.  Sadly, my husband’s grandmother passed away this week and due to various reasons he went to the funeral and I stayed home….all during our wedding anniversary week :-(.  And then the dog got sick and went into the hospital for a day.  She’s fine now, but that gave me quite a scare – and cleaning up all the vomit has been one more thing on top of everything.  We all have those weeks.  It happens.  And I’m so grateful my husband was able to travel back for the funeral (which was 3k miles away in Boston).  And having WordPress send me an email on Wednesday to tell me that I was “Freshly Pressed” – AGAIN – was sooooo cool.  Here’s what the email said:

Congrats!  Your post has been promoted to Freshly Pressed on the home page.  You’re now part of an elite group!  If you’re curious about how the Freshly Pressed posts are selected, see this post.  Last but not least, be proud!  Tell your friends, family and blog readers to check out the front page of today!  Oh, and you’re awesome and we like you and who the hell knows what else will happen to you today.  Maybe win the lottery!?!?!?

Ok, so that last part was an embellishment.  But I can dream, can’t I?

But seriously, THANK YOU to my dear Wrodpress for recognizing me TWICE!  I can hardly believe it!  I’m starting to think I might actually be good at this whole readin’, ritin’ thing.  The ‘rithmetic thing….meh….not so much.  Thank you again, WordPress!  You da MAN!


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