Ahoy, me mateys – Part 2

Slowly but surely, I’ve been working on our lovely pirate chest.  You remember it, don’t you?

….I said slowly but surely….and boy, do I mean slow!!  It’s literally the slowest project we’ve tackled to date (the bathroom is kind of getting most of our attention these days).  A few weekends back (when Dr. J’s dad was in town) I had some free time (between beer runs and cleaning binges) to tackle little pieces of it.  Here’s what I’ve tackle so far (over the past six weeks or so):

  • Removed all of the wallpaper from the inside of the trunk…

  • Realized the wallpaper hid some pretty significant holes in the canvas so removed all of the inside canvas as well.  It was mildewy anyway and kind of ugly, so I figured a clean slate was where it was at.  The best part of the removal??  When I pulled up the canvas, I smelled the wonderful deliciousness that is Cedar….oh, yes,  this trunk is 100% cedar!!!  Hallelujia!  They don’t make ’em like the used to…

  • Spent the better part of an afternoon sanding down the old glue, cleaning it, sanding it, and trying to give myself as much of a clean slate as possible.
  • Fixed some of the old hinges that weren’t much use to anyone anymore – they used nails to hold’er in place whereas nowadays they’d use screws, so that’s what we did.  We also epoxied the old nails on the inside, hammered them back in, and epoxied the tops so those buggers aren’t going anywhere…
  • Then it was onto sealing those big gaps between cedar planks.  I used good ol’ fashioned wood filler and let it dry and cure overnight.

  • On the outside, I took Mod Podge (which is essentially a REALLY strong version of Elmer’s glue) and glued down the holes in the exterior canvas and and other “tears” that I thought might be a problem later on.  Fortunately it dries clear, so it’s perfect for this type of application…

Hole in exterior canvas before

After the Mod Podge was applied and before it dried...

  • Then I took a spray polyurethane and completely sealed the outside after the Mod Podge was dry so everything will be nice and “frozen” in the tattered state it’s in.  At least….that’s the theory anyway.

As of today, we’ve moved it inside for the very first time and are using it as a much-needed coffee table in our Room of Requirement.

So that’s been six weeks of work.  Really, if I’d had a full weekend to tackle it, I probably could’ve gotten the whole thing done lickety split.  I still have the interior to finish up, which involves more Mod Podge and installing some child safety hinges and then it should be all ready for us to use for blanket storage and gaming paraphernalia.  Likey??  So far so good!!  Oh, and because everybody loves before and afters, take a look at this:

Trunk Before

Trunk after - looks a little shinier, eh?

Not bad for a forty dollar investment!


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