The tile floor is in!!! And another video update…

I pretty much spent all of last weekend looking at backs and butts (of Dr. J and his dad).  They were on their hands and knees in the bathroom all weekend and LOOK at all they got done:

  • Constructed the shower pan, including laying the cement, water barrier and another layer of cement.  It’s a cement sandwich!!!  YUMmmmmmm….

  • Laid all of the cement backerboard for the flooring and also on the “berm” of the shower pan.
  • Laid all of the floor tile – although we broke on this weekend by dropping our drill – fortunately we haven’t grouted yet, so hopefully we can just pop the tile out and replace and move on…*fingers crossed*…

Dr. J and his dad worked their butts off last weekend.  Here’s a pic of them, obviously looking tired and proud – and my Father in law all classy-like, wearing a trash bag.  Yes, we’re those people (excuse the iPhone pic):

My job was really just to make sure they were fed and “watered” – usually involving alcohol and copious amounts of proteins (not in the same glass, however).  I did manage to get some work done on the pirate chest (more on that later) and cleaned up the house a wee bit.  Although, really….when you’re renovating, trying to clean up is such a joke.

Normally I would insert pics of the finished product here, but our camera battery died and the work has to go on whether or not the camera is working – *gasp*!  And since the renovation has a tendency to move at a snail’s pace (hey, we’re not machines over here!), we thought we’d go ahead and update with another weekly video.  It’s so much easier to explain these things in 3-D and there are some cramped quarters in our bathroom that make it hard to get a camera in there (even one with a wide-angle lens!).  So click here to see our video update! Oh, and I should add that now it’s L-blogger’s turn to feel self-conscious being on camera….do I really LOOK like that?  Sheeesh….sorry, peeps.  I’m definitely no Angelina…

As for this weekend?  Well, we’re working on buttoning up the drywall and getting ready to lay those tiles on the tub deck.  Here are a few sneak peak photos – now that the battery is all charged :-):


The tiles, dry-fit to the deck and the greenboard all buttoned up.
Starting to come together finally!

Compare that last pic to the one at the top with Dr. J and his dad mixing the cement and you start to see just how much work is involved in this process and how slowly it can progress.  And also how fast!  Admittedly, we’re a little behind schedule, but we’re plugging away and if we can get the grouting/painting done, then we’re ready to put in the loo and the cabinets….then it’ll REALLY start to feel like a bathroom again…phew!


16 thoughts on “The tile floor is in!!! And another video update…

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  2. Love the video’s. Especially love the intro/exit music! Such drama. Last, not to be worry wart because I’m sure you are on it, but, does your shower curb have a membrane to cover it as well to prevent water seepage? Just want to make sure you are water tight…..Looking great and excited to see all the progress come together. Wish I was there to help. May have a home improvement chore which I can document for you coming up, I’ll keep you posted.

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