Thanks, Pottery Barn!

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So it goes without saying that I have seriously been looking for a family room rug to replace our old one for well over a year now! 

In fact, I wrote a post about it back in September mostly just to whine about how far away all of the Pottery Barn outlets are from Portland, Oregon and how I’d love to be able to buy a rug from there on the cheap.  We already have a few rugs from P Barn and they hold up so well (much better than some of our other rugs), so you could say that I have a love affair with quality rugs that don’t cost an arm, a leg and your firstborn child.

But finding “the one” isn’t easy and it has to be right.  It can’t be too Persian, too antique or too gold or green (which happens ALL the time in nice wool rugs).  It needs to be a modern take on a classic design and it needs to have a pattern – hello?  It’s in a family room where things get spilled – could be red wine, who knows?!  Oh, and it MUST be wool.  Wool is the best, it holds up for centuries, is completely natural and cleans up so easily.  Enter the Bouquet Floral Rug from Pottery Barn and I was totally sold:

I love how it’s patterned without being over the top, plush without being shag and quality without being $3,000.  Believe me, if you look around for rugs enough, you start to realize that size wise (we need an 8×10) you just can’t do much better than $3,000.  So we ordered a swatch a few days back and decided that while we have the money in the bank and the rug we love is about $500, may as well just go with what we love.  The colors work for our subtle greens and blues we have in our family room already and the greens and blues we hope to add later on with more pops of color.  What can I say?  LOOOOOVE!!! 

So I got online on Wednesday night this week and ordered an 8×10 rug because our local P Barns were all out of stock (as was every store in the country), so I got the feeling it would be discontinued soon and I needed to act fast!  I pulled out the credit card and felt a little bit of pain at the final tally, but relieved that I “secured” MY rug before it was discontinued! 

Fast forward to yesterday morning and I wanted to check the website to, ya know, gaze adoringly at this rug again….

…the price was lowered by $100!  GAH!!!  IT’S ON SALE!!!!  FOR ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS LESS THAN WHAT I PAID!!!  Seriously?!?!  Seriously…so I called Pottery Barn as fast as you can say, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”  Turns out that Pottery Barn will honor the price difference within 30 days of the purchase date and will just credit my card back the hundred bucks!  Well, slap me silly!  That sounds like a plan with a capital P to me!  And here’s another tidbit that I learned, so stockpile this away for future reference – Pottery Barn always lists things on sale on Wednesday nights!  So the best time to go shopping on their website is on Thursday morning when the sales are fresh and before the stock gets sold out.  Betcha didn’t know that.  Me neither.  You’re welcome! 

I still don’t have the rug….yet….but it’s coming and should hopefully be here really really soon, so I’ll be sure to share those pics once we get them.  In fact, I think it’s about time I wandered around the house and updated all of our Nickel Tour pics as best as I can.  The dining room is different, the family room needs to be updated once we get our new rug, we’ve also made some small updates to the laundry room (added some crown molding to the top of the cabinets), and our Room of Requirement is starting to get pulled together.  Now that it’s Daylight Savings too, I could probably eke out a few good pics at the end of the workday, too!  Whoo hoo!!!  Don’t hold your breath, though – it takes a LOT of time to produce all of this content.

….and as for the bathroom?  Well, we took a break from all of that last weekend and went skiing instead!  And I don’t know about you,  but I’m never traveling on Daylight Savings Weekend ever again.  I have been so beat all week and I can’t snap out of it!  We’re back in the bathroom this weekend working away.  Hopefully we’ll have some good tid bits for you next week :-).


5 thoughts on “Thanks, Pottery Barn!

  1. Love the rug! Hope you get it soon. It will be perfect. I too have waited on rugs but when the come, Whoo hoo! as you said.

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  3. Do you still love your pottery barn rug? I love it but can’t seem to find anyway to buy it anymore. Just wondering if you’d be willing to sell…

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