Room of Requirement Progress….it’s getting there….

It’s not finished….but the BIG things are finished, namely the painting, crown molding and trim work to jazz up the cheap Billy Bookcases.  Yes, we took $60 bookcases and put crown molding on them (well, actually just really chunky chair rail because it’s easier to work with) and they look so much more custom and built-in and expensive.  Adding the doors and accessorizing them “monochromatically” also helps!  Ah hell, pictures are better!  Just sit back and soak it in..

All right, I just gave you a whole bunch of data without writing anything but I’d imagine one of the first things you’re thinking is, “What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks have you done behind that couch?!”  That’d be a cityscape and, yes, we painted that – it’s not a stick on or anything like that and we did it with….drumroll please….painter’s tape!!!  Just like our stripe routine in the laundry room from long ago (you can read about how we painted stripes in our laundry room by clicking here and take a peek at what it looks like now by clicking here):

And honestly, it was actually much simpler because we didn’t need to worry about being completely straight or level (which is pretty obvious when you’re standing in the room – haha!).  Here’s how the room was looking when we were taping the wall out:

The only “building” we really tried to copy was the Sears Tower (which is backwards and it’s not called that anymore, but don’t tell anybody – oops!).  Outside of that the composition was very random and we kind of like the haphazard approach to it – doesn’t seem too perfect or imperfect.  We actually used “Frog Tape” for this because we’ve heard wondrous things about it.  To be honest, I was kind of skeptical because we have textured walls in our house and we did the Laundry Room (above) with regular ol’ blue painter’s tape and a coat of glaze and had no issues.  But everybody *says* it’s the best, so we figured we’d give it a try.  Let me just take a little detour and tell you about Green Painter’s Tape:

  • Supposedly it has moisture lock out technology – kind of like diapers.  Once you paint over it, it supposedly “seals” to the wall with no worries.
  • If you’re doing something like what we did above, first you paint your base coat, wait for it to dry about 48 hours, hang your tape, then paint the same base coat color over the painter’s tape – this adheres it to the wall.
  • Then you paint your other color over top of that (after it’s dry, of course!), do another coat and then take the tape down before it has a chance to dry after the second coat.

So here’s how it actually happened in Tell’er All About It land, whose rules just aren’t the same as in Frog Tape Land:

  • Paint Walls, wait 24 hours, attempt to tape, tape falls down…..begin to cry.
  • Wait another 24-48 hours for dark paint to dry – AGAIN – then put up tape.  Still not sticking!  If you look at the pic above, you can see we were having trouble getting it to stick all around.  Beginning to think this green tape junk is bunk…
  • Decide to forge ahead and paint the base coat on the painter’s tape to see if this “magic moisture lock out” marketing broo-ha-ha is worth it’s weight in gold, especially with our “orange peel” textured walls.  Green tape stays on the wall, but there are pretty obvious gaps between the tape and the wall.  We just paint extra paint in the hopes that it’ll learn its lesson.
  • Begin painting the lighter color…

  • …decide to dive right in and just paint the whole darn thing.  If it leaks…well….what’s the worst that can happen?  We have to touch up paint?  Whatever….
  • Dr. J stays up ’til midnight to paint the second coat, rips down the tape and does a happy dance….it sort of worked!  But L-blogger’s asleep…probably shouldn’t wake her up….will wait ’til morning.

You can see for yourselves how it turned out, but this was of course after we did all of the touch up painting:

How would I rate the Green Frog Tape?  I’d give it a B- on textured walls.  I think it does the job well enough, but we still had to touch up paint a few places on the wall (especially our criss cross building in the far right corner).  In fact, when we painted our laundry room a year and a half ago, we used regular ol’ painter’s tape with the glazing method and I have to say that I think it did a much better job.  Now that could also be because our lines were very even and symmetrical and the paint surface (a Valspar paint brand instead of a Glidden paint brand) felt much “dryer” than the surface we were dealing with above (hence, the paint was able to stick better).  But I consider Glidden (a Home Depot brand) to be vastly superior to Valspar paint (a Lowe’s brand) in every possible way, including coverage and durability, so I’m definitely not knocking Glidden here.  A lot of the issue here really stems from our textured walls, which make it impossible to paint over.  I think in the future I’ll go back to the glazing method instead of the paint method.  It’s more “glue like” and sticks better than paint, but that’s just my two cents.

In the end, though, we’re really happy with the wall mural.  It’s something unexpected in a house that screams “builder’s basic blah”.  But remember, we are NO WHERE close to done in here.  We still have a ton of touch up painting to do, furniture to bring in, accessories (btw, we’re doing lime/apple green accents in case you couldn’t tell), pictures to hang, etc, etc.  But it’s getting there….

PS  I’ll post more detailed info on how we trimmed up the Billy Bookcases in another post so stay tuned for that.


11 thoughts on “Room of Requirement Progress….it’s getting there….

  1. Fantastic. I just peeked in at the pics of the rest of your home.. I love every update, even the blue Pottery Barn pillows( I have the red and love them :). I would love to know how you did the guest bathroom mirror… I have the same one as your ‘before’ pic and am dying to remove it and put in separate mirrors.

  2. I just put up some crown in the bath room in the wine room. Looks great! L is happy too, which is all that matters. Quick question, did you guys caulk the seam between the crown and wall and ceiling? If so, did you paint the caulk the wall/ceiling color or the crown color? The RoR looks great! About the time you finish doing all this work around the house, the economy should be firing on all cylinders and you can sell for a mint!!! 🙂

  3. love, love, love the mural! my building-obsessed teen would love to have that in his room!

    in fact, we’re tearing out some drywall because of a water leak, so will have to repaint in there, so maybe we’ll give this a go! (did I use enough exclamation points to express my excitement? 🙂

    • We love love love that mural too!! It’d be great for a kids room, man cave and/or play or Rec room!!! Stop back with pics if you do!

      • sorry to be so lazy, but could you post your paint colour choices?

        I’m all about making lemonade out of lemons, so this would be a fun project once we’ve tackled the leak!

      • Hi, Carole –

        Sure thing! The dark color was Blue Gray Slate from Glidden and the lighter color was French Grey, also from Glidden. Hope this helps!!!


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