Hooray for dead presidents!

Ok, before I am lambasted for my completely tasteless blog title, I should just add that I am sooooo grateful for dear Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Washington.  Thank YOU, Mr. President, for being born in the dead of winter so that we could have a three day weekend to get caught up on some MANY overdue projects!!  We thought back and this past weekend was the first time that Dr. J and I have been home on a holiday weekend since….wait for it….wait for it….Labor Day 2009!  God, that was EONS ago!  Remember that weekend and how much stuff we got done?  If you don’t, then try clicking here, here, here, and here.  Yikes!  Talk about a trip down memory lane….my, how much the house has changed since then!

But back to this past weekend!  Let me just provide a little long list for ya here to kind of give you an idea of just what we’ve been up to these past few days/weeks.  I admit we are TOTALLY under the gun and that kind of pressure works for us:

  • The Room of Requirement is darn near finished!  We took the time this weekend to add a custom crown molding project to our cheap Ikea Billy bookcases, touch up painted the ceiling, caulked the crown molding, painted the baseboards, doors and casements, and we even hung a curtain rod, curtains and ordered an end table with a cool industrial vibe that really takes this room from Room of Requirement to “Man Cave” with only a few seconds to spare between sporting seasons!  PHEW!  Pictures soon….but not yet….

A sneak peek on our "Man Cave" end table. It's Dr. J tested and L-blogger approved.

  • We also Goodwilled one of the last vestiges of the Cosby Show chairs that my parents handed down to my siblings who handed it down to me, etc, etc.  Hey, Mom and Dad!  Remember those ugly blue chairs that used to be in your family room?!  Both are now gone to better homes!  Trust me, it’s better this way!
  • We bought a new kitchen table!  More on that later!  But here’s a little online sneak peak:

...and it even has a leaf to extend to a table for 6! SCORE!

  • Our bathroom cabinets arrived and are taking up some serious real estate in our garage!  Wow, we can’t WAIT to tackle the bathroom now!
  • We have started prepping the guest bath to be ours for a good two months or so (*hint*hint* if you come to visit us soon, we’ll be sharing like squabbling siblings from here on out!).  We tackled just a few small projects in there like replacing our towel bar with some more user-friendly hooks and hemming the very looooong shower curtain so that it doesn’t drag on the floor, which is pretty gross in a bathroom if you ask me…More work to be done this coming weekend when we actually start moving over all of our toiletries (big project for me, small project for the hubs!).
  • Finally hung my Christmas present starburst mirror in our master bedroom and me loves it, me does!
  • We also replaced our curtains in the family room with some nearly idential cotton ones from Pottery Barn.  They were originally Ikea Merete Curtains in bleached which I shrunk in the wash a few months back – oops!  And since the last two or three times I have gone to Ikea they have been out of stock, I finally gave up and just sprung for the slightly pricier Pottery Barn versions and I’m actually really glad I did!  They are hemmed much better and lined on the backside, so the quality is definitely better.  I pre-washed the Pottery Barn versions so that they shrunk.  Get this – I bought 108″ length for a 96″ high curtain rod and they shrunk down to 102″!  Can you believe that?!?  So we cheated the curtain rod higher by a few inches, touched up the wall holes with caulk and paint and called it  a day.  The best part is?  They’re still totally washable, bleachable and, most important, BEAUTIFUL!  the old Ikea Meretes are now hanging in the Room of Requirement at the perfect height and nobody is the wiser.

…and in the interest of “summing up” several weeks worth of projects that have gotten zero air time on the blog:

  • We replaced our leggy builder’s special chandelier hanging in our dining room with a much more mod and fresh drum chandy that we got off of Overstock.com.  Lovin’ it!  Pics when we show pics of the new dining table.
  • We also trimmed up our laundry room with some very small trim pieces from Ikea.  Now those undercabinet mount lights aren’t blinding us!
  • We ordered a “storm door” for our front door so that we can (eventually) remove the crusty wooden interior door and repair it without having to replace it with plywood – classy :-).  Oh, and when we do repair said door, the nice storm door will keep it pretty and polished – we hope :-).  New handles and locks to replace the Sheriff approved hardware are for a later date…le sigh…

So there ya have it!  We’ve gotten a lot done these past few weeks and are rushing to the finish line to get everything wrapped up before the bathroom demo begins a week from this Saturday (that’d be Saturday, March 5th for anybody who is curious).  See, if I tell everybody, then I am held accountable to everybody to actually follow through on it.  Although things have been ordered, so guess we don’t have a choice there….*sigh*…Can I just say this?  I’m scared…please somebody volunteer to help with demo!  I’m a girl and don’t like hitting things!!!


5 thoughts on “Hooray for dead presidents!

    • Hi, Karen! Yes, ma’am! It’s entirely different from anything we’ve ever purchased in the past but we were trying to think outside the box! Can’t wait for it to come in :-)!!

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