There are always delays!

It never fails!  Whatever you think you *can* accomplish, add 24 more hours in for miscellaneous annoyances like paint drying time, etc, etc.

So when we last left you, we were getting ready to tackle our Room of Requirement makeover with gusto!  We actually didn’t have completely ambitious plans for this past weekend.  First, we wanted to finish up painting the room.  It was defintiely a two coater and since we didn’t move the furniture OUT of the room, we had to paint AROUND furniture (i.e., move furniture, paint wall one, dry time, paint again, move furniture back, etc, etc), which added to the overall painting time….

Unlike when we painted our guest room last year and we literally painted all three colors in a matter of two hours (it helps when the furniture is all moved out, too).  We also wanted to hang the crown molding, restock the bookshelves and then get ready to paint our feature wall and hopefully wrap that up so that we could get the room all put back together this week so that we could enjoy our upcoming 3-day weekend in peace.


We got about 60% there.  We finished all of the coats of the dark blue, more or less styled the bookcases (though we still have leftover books – how did that happen?), hung the crown molding (success!!!!) but when we went to tape off for our feature wall, let’s just say that the Frog Tape people weren’t lying – when they say you need to wait for the paint to dry for three days, they ain’t lying!  No matter how hard we tried (and our paint had been dry at this point for over 24 hours), we could NOT get our tape to stick to the wall.

Dr. J trying the press and hold method...notice the crown molding all hung and prett-i-fied?

We tried using the fingernail method.  Nope!  So we thought we’d take the “paint-activated adhesive” for a test run and just go ahead and begin painting to see if it would magically “glue itself” to the wall once we had painted over it.  Try again.  Fingernail method, part deux?  No dice.  No matter what we did, we just couldn’t get the tape to adhere to our textured walls well enough for us to paint our surprise feature (hold your horses, I’ll get to it.).  I think the Portland rain also wasn’t helping.  We’ve had a few weeks of really dry weather, but the rains came back again on Sunday with a vengeance and that pretty much means that anything that requires drying, sticking and/or a combination thereof is just going to be a downright disaster.

So what did we do?  Well, we left the room in this state, went to the grocery store, cooked ourselves a Valentine’s dinner to celebrate and forgot about it.

Just remember, if you think you can finish it in X time, add miscellaneous dry time and taping debacles, forget about it, and wrap it up another day….there’s always tomorrow!


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