Room of Requirement….huh?

When I showed you this pic last week….

….you were probably thinking something along the lines of WTF?  I try not to swear, but somehow saying “eff” instead of #$%^ seems to be okay.  The WTF would probably sound something like, “First off, what is the Room of Requirement?  Secondly, what is getting teased, why blue?  Who is this L-blogger and why is she goin’ all Harry Potter on my ass?”  You might notice that “ass” doesn’t carry the same weight as “eff”.  My mom is cringing right now while reading this.  I do have a college education, I swear!

So lemme tell you a little story.  Once upon a time we moved into our house.  This new house had no basement (still doesn’t), no attic (still doesn’t), no air conditioning (that’s changed!) and no window treatments (also changed!)!  Our front bedroom, the largest non-master bedroom in the house, became a kind of “dumping ground”, though admittedly, a somewhat organized dumping ground:

…and since this room faced west, had a ridiculously large window sans aforementioned window treatments and we had NO A/C in 100+ degree heat in the summer of 2009 for the first two weeks we lived in the house, we closed the door and the room became known as “The Sauna”.  But as the weather cooled off (to you know…90!), we began to use this as our overall storage space/place where aero-beds went to die.  So the process went; open the door, toss item to get rid of, close door, walk away, forget about mess:

…hence, “The Room of Requirement” was born.  According to the Harry Potter wiki, “The Room of Requirement is a secret room within Hogwarts that only appears when a person is in great need of it. The room then transforms itself into whatever the witch or wizard needs it to be at that moment in time…”  If you remember some of the later books, it’s also a great place to hide things, throw things away to be forgotten and to steal a kiss from a certain cute boy-wizard from time to time :-).  The name stuck and we’ve been calling it “The Room of Requirement” ever since. 

So how do we use it today?  Well, after we Ikea’d our room with some Billy Bookcases two Decembers ago…

…and moved our TV stand in here and set up our video game paraphenalia, DVD players and VCRs:

…and purchased a brand new couch to get rid of our full sized bed that took up entirely too much room…

…we can safely say that this room has evolved into the coolest Room of Requirement ever!  Dr. J will stay up late into the night playing video games in here, we play Rock Band, play Wii, use it to fold laundry (the laundry room is just across the hall) and spend our days dreaming of a room that could be so much more than just simply….ya know…a dumpy room with hand-me-down furniture.  In essence, we need a MAN ROOM!  So we’ve been paying attention to the interwebs for a few months and here is some eye candy that has been building up in my computer files….(forgive me, I don’t have all of the sources)

….whoever said a man room had to be all sports memoriabilia and beer kegs?  It can be stylish and unexpected, classy and contemporary, rustic and modern – all in one!  Stay tuned….we’re going to hit the pavement hard this coming weekend and hope to have the first few steps completed by early next week!  If not, then I’m just teasing you even more!


6 thoughts on “Room of Requirement….huh?

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  2. I love this room. I finally got the go ahead from my husband to decorate his office and I would love to know what paint you used. Thank you!

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