It’s a bed! It’s a couch! No, it’s SUPERcouch!

Guess what?  We finally replaced that full sized mattress =  couch in the Room of Requirement.  Remember this set up?

…a full sized mattress turned sideways does not a daybed make, we decided.  It was too uncomfortable to sit on “as a couch” and whenever we did use it as such, the act of leaning against the wall and putting your feet up would invariably scoot the bed away from the wall.  Really damned inconvenient.  So we decided it had to go in favor of a smaller-sized daybed with a twin mattress.  A couch and bed in one = perfection!  In fact, we were really digging the following beauties from West Elm and P-Barn:

The West Elm Day Bed


The Stratton Daybed from Pottery Barn

…and since we’re *that* kind of crazy, the idea of building the bed really appealed to us.  Don’t worry, there are patterns available from Ana White’s blog that we were *all* about bogarting for good use.  All we really needed to do was decide on bedding, purchase sheets, mattress, mattress pad…etc….and, WOW!  All of the sudden this whole build-your-own-daybed idea is starting to become *really* expensive.  And getting rid of a full sized sleeping space (in addition to our Queen sized bed in the Guest Room) would be kind of a bummer, especially since we ended up using the above setup as a sleeper more often than we ever thought we would (three times in 2010 – our family travels in packs).  So back to the drawing board…

Amazingly, they have these inventions called “Sleeper Sofas”….which was surprising it didn’t occur to us earlier to just spring for that and call it a day.  Besides, we use this space more as a “lounge” for the two of us to play video games, watch the occasional movie, etc, so it really made sense to cater to OUR needs and NOT the needs of our guests.  In other words, this space is for us primarily, guests secondarily.  Enter the Ektorp sleeper from Ikea…

It has a full sized pullout bed, a gray slipcover (which means the whole thing is removable/washable and since this is essentially the “Man Cave”, it’s a nice dark, masculine color that’ll go well with those paint chips we’ve got up on the wall….hrmm….stay tuned….


3 thoughts on “It’s a bed! It’s a couch! No, it’s SUPERcouch!

  1. Good idea. It is your home after all, and with the right mattress… sofa beds are very comfy. I kind of wish I didn’t get rid of ours. And I like the lighter tones with the current slipcover color.

  2. I take it those paint swatches are what you are thinking for the walls…I love both colors…but if you go with that darker color…that couch is going to disappear into the wall…just my 2 cents…I think the pull out couch is the way to go by the way.

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