Smile! Your house is on Candid Camera!

…well, not really.  But thanks to our snazzy new Christmas Present, The Flip video camera, our house actually *will* be on camera from time to time!  And since it’s been sooooo long since we’ve done any renos and/or updates on the blog, we figured it would be a great way to bring in the New Year by giving you our very first tour of the home – in 3-D and stuff!  All apologies for my grating voice, shaky camera skills and general goofiness.  Here goes nothing….let the cringing begin!

Click here to watch the video – we can’t do embedded videos yet!

So if you can’t watch (at work, baby sleeping, what have you…), then here are a few highlights:

  • My super shaky camera skills – might wanna take some Dramamine before watching…
  • We rearranged our family room to be more “TV friendly”
  • Our downstairs powder room’s subtle “inspiration”
  • Our laundry room with our new washer and dryer – yes, it’s upstairs!!
  • We finally show you the last two rooms that have yet to be painted (I know, only TWO – can you believe it?!?  Once we paint them we’re gonna have to start repainting everything just to have something to do!).
  • …and listen closely for a few tidbits of projects we have to work on to get a feel for what is on tap for the year!

So that’s all she wrote!  Thanks for watching it!  We promise to incorporate a few more videos from time to time (and hopefully you won’t have to see our ugly mugs while we’re at it – we’ll try to keep that eye candy to a minimum).

PS  Dr. J was in the process of loading the Magsters and luggage into our car for a weekend trip, so the house was insanely quiet with no dog and no hubby…le sigh…


2 thoughts on “Smile! Your house is on Candid Camera!

  1. you’re lucky to have a ‘room of requirement’, even if you haven’t repainted it yet–all of our rooms have fixed purposes, and it’d be great to have a flexible space like that.

    don’t even get me started about the upstairs laundry, it’s so cute, and so, well, upstairs!

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