Front Load Washers and how marriage works!

We did it!  We *finally* replaced our $80 Craigslist safety hazard washer and dryer with two front load Kenmore models from Sears!  Can I hear a giant WHOOP WHOOP!?!  Now we can throw things in the dryer and walk out the door without worrying about the dryer scorching our whites and/or burning down the house.  We can also do the wash and not worry about the washer trying to escape its slow demise by walking across the laundry room a la…

....who knew our washer felt "overloaded" and was trying to leave us?

…I didn’t know it was so unhappy!

Now we can also stay in the room while the washer is running and not have to hear the screeching metal-on-metal sound of the washer brake between spin cycles.  And now that we’ve run a few loads, we can actually SLEEP in the room next door without the whole house shaking when the spin cycle goes!  And we managed to go through the overwhelming appliance buying nightmare with our marriage and sanity intact!  All in all, it’s UH-MA-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laundry before with crusty washer and dryer...



Our Laundry Room Aftter with our new front loaders!!!!

You’re probably wondering how all of it came to be.  Honestly, I have to admit when it comes to appliances I’m somewhat of an impulse buyer.  In other words, I didn’t exactly do a TON of research before settling on this brand, model, etc.  We’re fortunate that we live close to the second largest Sears appliance showroom in the country, so “doing research” just involves a whole bunch of wandering around, which is really kind of cool.  But here were the top contenders!

The Whirlpool Duets:

These are fine machines and really great for the budget conscious.  In fact, (one of my favorite go-to blogs) has been using them for several years with nary a complaint in sight.  They were slightly more money than the other models we looked at ($1200 for the set) and when we walked up to them they were just so “wee”!  I mean, seriously – I’m short (5’2.5″ on a good day), but these things were just abysmally SMALL.  They still had 4.0 cu. ft of space for both the washer and dryer, but they were laughably small, slightly more expensive and less cu. ft. of dryer space than some of the other moderatly priced sets.  And since they were so short, we would’ve almost HAD to buy the stands to prop them up to non-munchkin size, which would’ve drove up the price even further  Dr J and L-blogger verdict?: NEXT!

At this point, this is where the “marriage” part of this topic comes in because Dr. J and L-blogger had to do some serious “pouty-face” routines to get their ways.  Keep reading…

Samsung HE Front Loaders:

This was Dr. J’s personal favorite – mostly because it was cheaper.  However, when I looked at it, it seriously reminded me of an old school mircowave or telephone from the 80s and I just couldn’t get past that.  It was something about the black dials and read outs.  It also had a clock on it – how ghetto is that?!  What it boils down to is that I’m super sensitive about “techy” looking things in my house especially if I know it’s going to be around for a good 10+ years like a major appliance.  For example, I don’t like water/ice dispensers on my fridge door for that reason.  I can carbon-date a refrigerator ice/water dispenser like an archaeolgist dates fossils to within several years or so.  Therefore, there was just something “off” about this set that didn’t jive with my archaelogical findings decor sense.  Even though it was highly rated for noise and vibration, there were only about 10 ratings on the Sears website that we could find and that never bodes well with me.  Less people buying = less opinions = less chance that a fair opinion has been formed of it online.  L-blogger: NEXT!  Dr. J: SOLD!

LG  Front Loaders:

My mother in law has this set, which, of COURSE, means it’s PERFECT.  Well, not really.  But it does mean it’s been “family tested” – much like those cars that they insist can live through the throes of a toddler ripping out the upholstery.  Not that I’m insinuating that my MIL is a toddler – far from it!  But I consider her opinion pretty important when it comes to appliances, how they work, and honest appraisals of the good, bad, the ugly, etc.  She seemed pretty positive about them in ways that were important to me and so I thought they were worth a shot.  They were $200 more expensive than the Samsung’s, though, and that made the hubby nervous.  Really, for me, the big thing about this set was “the look”.  It didn’t look like an old school telephone or microwave.  It looked like a washer.  And, in the end, how things look is pretty important, especially in our sex-tastic laundry room (yes, THAT just happened – I just called our laundry room “sex-tastic” – no further comment).  L-blogger: SOLD!  Dr. J: NEXT!

So at this point, the hubs and I were literally hovering over these two sets (Samsung and LG) looking like sad puppy dogs trying to figure out what we wanted to do.  We had Sears Giftcards from Christmas that were burning holes in our pockets like our old dryer burned holes in our clothes (or it could’ve been our old dog, Tiki, who liked to eat our underpants, but that’s another story). We both wanted to get our way, which as anybody who is married basically means one of two things:

  1. Either the wife gets her way or
  2. Neither of you get your way.

At least that’s essentially what it means in OUR marriage.  And now that I’m a paying customer and workin’ hard for my money, I figure my opinion is pretty darn important so I stick to my guns and my opinion is important too and…and…


Salesperson:  Hey, have you considered the Kenmore Front Loader?

Us:  Uhh….no.  No, we haven’t considered the Kenmore…

Salesperson:  Well, it’s built by LG, so it’s exactly the same except it’s $50 cheaper!

(Dr. J suddenly becomes intrigued and begins stroking his beard in a professorial manner)

At this point, the salesperson touted it as a good buy, it was rated number one on the Sears website (which we checked via our iPhones and he was absolutely correct), it had a steam functionality built-in (unlike the Samsung or the LG), looked cool like the LG with all of the functionality of the LG, but without the price.  At this point, I said this to my husband:

L-blogger:  Well, it’s perfect because it’s not your favorite and it’s not MY favorite, so it HAS to be the one.

Dr. J and L-blogger: SOLD!

…and that, my friends, is how marriage works….

And what is the verdict on our new washer and dryer?!?  Well, we’ve had them for a week and are *so*in*love*!!  The creepiest part of this whole situation is that our clothes actually feel and look cleaner.  It’s creepy because it makes me wonder just how dirty and dingy our clothes were with the old washer and dryer – blech!  We love how QUIET they are, too!  All of the sales people told us to get one that was “rated for second floors”, but I think that was just a bunch of bunk in the end.  Compared to what we had before, these are ridiculously quiet, especially the washer.  I have a hard time knowing when it’s on, which is okay by me.

If I have a complaint at all it would be the steam cycle on the dryer.  The way it “steams” is just to squirt water onto the clothes while it’s in the dryer.  Not bad, but, hell I could do that by hand!  It is nice to have, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about to be honest.  Maybe it’s user error, in which case I probably should read the manual.  Oh, and with the way the doors are aligned, we actually had to swap our washer and dryer, but that didn’t end up being such a big deal.  It’s awesome when the Sears people install it for you – whee!

All in all, we’re soooo excited to have a new washer and dryer.  I keep saying, “You know you’re old when buying a washer and dryer actually gets you super excited!”  It’s so true!  It’s amazing how your tastes and priorities change as you get older.  And now our laundry room looks even hotter with the new set!  Before it was hot, but now it’s H-A-W-T hot!  Ya gotta admit….it’s pretty sex-tastic…and sometimes that’s also how marriage works ;-).

Pssst….if you wanna know more about how we “sexed” up our laundry room, then go ahead and click here and read about our Laundry Room remodel that we finished up last summer!! 


7 thoughts on “Front Load Washers and how marriage works!

  1. Ok – so they look great….and I know you LOVE them….but man…if you ever have kids….those buttons on the front, 2 years in are gonna be a hot mess for you…you will have a phantom cycle going every other day…I mean night…I mean day;-). (Night time….day time….(Digressing)) LOL…sorry…happy for you about the W&D….being in the throes of toddlerdom…we are in a constant state of crisis of how can we toddler proof “THIS”. It’s always something;-) Enjoy your clean clothes!!

    • J-bird

      Thank god the room has a door (no lock but we could add that easy). But good point! Wonder if there is a lock on the washer/dryer? Then again we are quite a ways from kids so maybe we’ll get a new set at that point 🙂


  2. Wow. I am truly amazed. Is that a real room or am I dreaming? Do you actually do your laundry in that room? Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas next year is that beautiful, pretty laundry room. I swear I will keep up with laundry if I had a room that looked so serene. I love your laundry room — and awesome new washer and dryer!
    Don’t worry about future kids, you can actually teach your kids the words “no, don’t touch that”! They will respect you more for having some dicipline!

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