Happy New Year! 2010 Recap!

A few weeks back every blog in blog-land was recapping their “amazing” 2010s and sharing photos, yakkin’ it up, yada, yada.  There were “linky parties” and celebrations and post-Christmas shmoozes, blah, blah.  I’m a little late to the party, but I’ll just chalk it up to being “fashionably late” as usual!  Rather than hitting up absolutely *every* single link/project that we tackled last year, I decided to just do a “greatest hits” of our DIY adventures this year.  I can’t believe how much we got done and also can’t believe how much we *still* have to accomplish (‘nother post, ‘nother day).  I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, m’friends!




  • Our guest bath needed some help, but for only $150, we were able to make it high stylin’ on a low budget :-).  We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves for this room this year as well so stay tuned for that.


  • Gave our guest bedroom a pretty major makeover by installing beadboard on one wall, crown molding and lots and lots of paint!


  • While we were doing the massive Laundry room project, our upstairs hallway went from carpet to CORK! Loved that project and the results!  It’s amazing even six months after-the-fact.  And now that we’re in the dead of winter, I can honestly say that the floor is so WARM.  I think it’s because all of our heating vents are routed underneath the floor, so it stays super toasty – even Maggie likes to hang out on the floors!

July – December:  We ignored you!!!!!  MUWAHAHAH!!!!  Actually I can pretty easily sum up what we did to the house – ZIP!  NADA!  ZILCH!  I think we rearranged the furniture in the family room once and hung a few things on the walls, but most of that time we ran around the country, racked up frequent flier miles and neglected the house like CRAZY.  Oh, we also were dealing with “new dog” syndrome which ended up not working out so well.  Remember this face?

….yea, we had to find her a new home :-(.  Let’s just say that Maggie Girl was being a major Maggie Butt and the two got along about as well two siblings stuck in the backseat for 12 hours on the way to Grandma’s house.  Suffice it to say – not so well.  So we spent a good deal of time trying to find Tiki a suitable forever home that we felt comfortable with and who understood her breed a little bit better than we did.  It took us awhile, but we managed to get in touch with a couple from Seattle who drove down just before Christmas to pick her up and take her home to celebrate the holidays with her….but not before we sent her off with some Christmas goodies of our own.

Did you say BONE?

I love my rope toy!

…and not before we trimmed the Tikers of some much needed weight (5 pounds to be exact!), got her teeth cleaned, updated her shots, etc, etc.  Suffice it to say, Tiki was a pretty expensive experiment in how not to adopt a dog.  Le sigh….But we’ve heard from the new family a few times and Tiki seems to be adjusting very well to her new digs!!  Maggie also seems much happier, less nervous and has been letting us sleep through the night almost every single night since we’ve been home!  As difficult as it was to get rid of her, it really was a good decision all around.

…all in all, 2010 was a great year for the house and for us!  We can’t believe how much we got done and part of our “break” also included us scaling back the major renos for a little bit so as not to overdo it for our neighborhood – ya gotta draw the line somewhere.  While we’re pretty confident in the renovations we’ve made (and have paid cash and accrued no debt in order to do them) we still are pretty cautious with our pennies and have been scrimping and saving for our big projects in 2011….oooh….stay tuned!!!  YEEHAW!!!!


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