We interrupt this program….

….to tell you that I am interrupting our regularly scheduled blog service.

Fret not, my young friends.  Much of it simply has to do with the fact that we have busier than bees doing….well….nothing, actually!  And it’s been (mostly) glorious!  We’ve been traveling a bit, working out a bit (finally!  After three long years – yikes, I know!), playing with the dogs a bit, cleaning the house a bit, and buying a bit.  It’s amazing what your bank account will allow you to buy when you’re not sprucing up your laundry room, buying AC, buying a car, re-financing your house, and all of those other things that go along with life, homeownership, and….ya know….that kind of thing.

I know you won’t be *too* heartbroken.  Or perhaps you will.  But I want you to know that I will be back – just perhaps with a bit less frequency than you’ve become accustomed to.  Lately it has just become a little bit harder for me to sit down in front of the ol’ computadora (or ordenador if you swing that way).  In fact, putting thoughts together has become more difficult lately (I wonder why – I blame PMS and the overabundance of good blog fodder out there lately).

Stay tuned….just know that me taking a break doesn’t mean I don’t *love* you.  I do (kind of – except when you leave me snarky comments…and then I want to beat you with a pogo stick!).  It’s more that I’m just trying to enjoy life, get a little skinnier (painting does not burn calories!), and hopefully create a bit more balance in my life!

Love and other indoor sports,



2 thoughts on “We interrupt this program….

  1. Just as it should be, enjoy the holiday season… and post when the mood/muse strikes. Until then enjoy your enjoyment of life.

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