Is it too early for Halloween?!

The obvious answer to that question is, “HAIL NO!”  I admit it, autumn is my absolute *favorite* season of the year!  Football Marching Band Season, crisp leaves, apple cider, and all the awesomeness that comes with decorating for gourds and ghouls!!  Last year we took a pretty sedate approach to our Halloween/autumn decor and simply rehashed decorations that I purchased (*gasp*!) ten years ago when I was still in college!  You know it’s time to update your decor when…..the first thing that popped into your mind when you purchased it was, “Oh, good!  This can’t break when we have our giant kegger party – perfect!”  So this year instead of the typical pumpkin-y orange and black motif, I tried to go for a more glam-y Hollywood-ish Halloween theme this year.  And a big bonus – I really only spent about $30 on all of the vignettes below – all of the rest of the things were stuff I had lying around the house!

Welcome, little ghouls and goblins…..

Our first vignette is on our hand-me-down “bar” in the entryway/dining area.  The black and white theme begins….with some natural elements mixed in as “placeholders” – namely the corks which will be replaced with candy in that glass bowl later on.  I threw down a Pottery Barn runner that I got on sale this past summer expecting to use it for Christmas, but loved it so much I decided to use it here as well.  The only things we purchased outright for this vignette were the spider, the raven, and the spook-tastic skull (Hey you guuu-uys!!).  My personal favorite is an ode to my arachnaphobic husband in the form of the “posable” spider I got from JoAnn’s for like $3 (it was on sale!).  I like to think of it as “diet decor” – it certainly keeps Dr. J away from the bar, that’s for darn sure!

On the left side, I have a candle holder in back that’s sort of reminiscent of a spider web (noticing a theme here?).  It also kind of looks branchy in a white ceramic kind of way which sort of ties the whole natural element into this theme.  I also went with a glass bowl that will later be used for candy – the corks are less calories than my go-to favorite candy, Reese’s PB cups!  Those will come later.  The raven is perched on top as a sort of Edgar Allan Poe reference – the dogs have already tried to claim this raven as their own, so he’s quarantined here for the moment!  Then I like the hanging clock as kind of a sideways reference of, “Your time has come, my pretty!”  or….”Time’s up, my pretty!”  I dunno – kind of cheeky and fun!

On the right side, I found several black spined books with either spooky references or just plain weird authors (ya can’t ever go wrong with some Stephen King!).  I love how it raises up my skull and brings some dimension and height to the table without costing a dime (we just raided the library upstairs).  And I have it on good authority from my husband that the middle book truly is a creepy book, so if you’re looking for some Halloween-esque lit, then have at it (Just After Sunset by Stephen King)!  I threw down the aforementioned skull and those two old votives that I’ve had since college – hard to believe, eh?

Is it Halloween….or New Year’s….?

This vignette is almost strangely un-Halloween-esque, but it is going to get more Halloween-y once it hits October (we’re still a little early here!).  I’ll show you how to creep it up probably sometime next week.  I present to you, our dining table:

So I actually bought *two* of those runners from Pottery Barn this past summer (they were a good deal!!!) and I love how this vignette could easily turn into a New Year’s or Christmas motif in a snap.  And again, I simply used items I had laying around the house – candlesticks, a tray that I used to great effect when I did my summer-y tablescape, and the napkin holder and salt and pepper shaker.

What I love about this tablescape is the fact that I just used items I had around the house and grouped them all together for a sort of black and white (yet functional) glammy vignette that is going to get oh-so-much-more creeptastic in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, I’m diggin’ the white and black fall-ish effect with the acorn-ish shaped candle holder and the webby looking napkin holder.  And, for my sister, I have your spider-y ornament hanging prominently – yup, Dr. J loves it!  Haha!

Got gourds?

In the family room, I decided to leave things decidedly more “fall-ish” rather than ghoulishly Halloween-rific.  On our hutch, we switched things up cheap-o style and used things we already had lying around save for the two creamy pumpkins that I also got on sale at JoAnn’s for about $5 total.

…and here’s a close up for the visually impaired (*raises hand impatiently!*)

Again, aside from the pumpkins, I already had everything on hand – the dark cake stand, candle, corks, and even the white cake stand and white maple leaf bowl are parts of my wedding china that I’ve had for years (Lenox, Butler’s Pantry if you’re curious – LOVE it!).  I love this little spread because it feels like it could really last all through Thanksgiving, which makes me feel slightly less guilty about putting this together in early September (*blushes*)!

….are you done yet??  NOT REMOTELY!

My last vignette is actually for the coffee table and, again, it’s a little more of an obtuse reference to Halloween and fall in general:

I really tried to stick with earthy and warm colors on this tablescape with natural textures and some of my current signature favorite color of white mixed in.

First off, I threw down an old cork tray that my brother in law made for me years ago using all of the corks leftover from our wedding (awhhh….isn’t he sweet?!).  I love that tray and I use it almost every single day, so I thought it injected just the right amount of texture into this space.  Then I had this old cheese dome (another wedding present I barely use!) and plopped a piggy froggy bank down inside – almost like he’s a specimen getting ready for his dissection – blech!  And, again, all of this was stuff I already had!

….on the flip side, I just shopped around the house for items I had, including this old stone pumpkin that my mom got for me years ago in some foreign land like Japanamanistan or something.  So this whole vignette cost me a total of $0!

So there ya have it!  A bunch of different fall themed vignettes and tablescapes.  Hopefully you see something you like and you can “shop your own house” to find some inspirational fall decor mix-ups!  Stay tuned sometime next week and I’ll show you how to “ghoul up” that dining room tablescape – it’s gonna be awesome and I’m so excited about it!

I’m going to be linking this post over to’s “Fall Decor Party” today!  You can go check out that party by clicking here!!  Go over there, show Julia some love, and be prepared to be completely sucked in by all of her “Movie Mondays” and bad MLS listings.  It’s a phenomenal site and one of my absolute favorites!!

I’ll also be linking up to The Nester’s “Fall Mantel Party”.  Yet another delicious eye candy place to plop down for a few hours!!  I love her site because she is one of the few bloggers in blog-land who doesn’t actually own her home – yup, she’s a renter!  So she shows everybody how you can switch up your decor without tearing down walls!  Love it! You can see her party by clicking here here!



7 thoughts on “Is it too early for Halloween?!

  1. Love-love-love! Every year I intend to put out some fun Halloween stuff, but never get around to doing so. I am completely inspired and will put the task on the official to-do list. 🙂

  2. Yeaaaaa! The spider made the cut!!!! What happened to the silver pumpkin idea though…I was thinking about doing that as well, but I was waiting for you to do it 1st so you could tell me how you did it.

    • Ha! I haven’t done it – but I think I’m going to stick with my faux-white ones for now. They work so well with my decor!

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