Cork floor Redux

I’ve missed writing, I’ve missed all of my readers, and I’ve missed working on my house this summer!  Where have we been?!?  Can you say “crazy is the new normal”?  Let’s just say that we’ve been busy spending time and money on everything BUT the house and so there isn’t much to report.  And to give you a slight glimpse into the craziness that has been our lives lately, I have to share this project that took us two months to complete and it’s probably one of the most inconsequential things we’ve done to the house thusfar!  Hilarious, right?!!  But here goes nothin’!

Do you remember awhile back when we installed the Cork flooring??  You can click on those underlined links over there to remind yourselves.  Go on, I’ll wait…..ok, enough reminiscing!  Basically, we have this huge upstairs hallway that just serves as a pass-thru to all of the bedrooms and our *now* snazz-i-fied upstairs laundry room (pause for a litle bit of eye candy mayhem!):

…but when we installed the floors oh, so long ago (nearly three months of “cork-i-ness” and I am still lovin’ it!!) we left a few items blissfully incomplete and decided that we would get around to it eventually with absolutely no rush needed.  Namely the shoe moldings and toe kicks.  Here are a few pics to show you the goods:

Hallway before shoe molding

Hallway after show molding

I know it’s hard to see…oh, and do you like our dog bowl get-up?  Seriously, our dogs are the most spoiled dogs this side of the Milky Way.  I had this brilliant idea to buy this boot tray from Ballard Designs as a method to corral all of our boots and shoes in a cute-sy Pacific NW kind of way, but when we adopted Tiki, we realized that her “drinking problem” (i.e. – gets more water on the floor than in her mouth) created a perfect opportunity for *my* beautiful boot tray to become an easier-to-clean drink tray – le sigh.  What I wouldn’t do to have a non-drooly dog – and she’s twenty pounds!!!!!  But I digress…..on to more befores and afters…

Hallway before shoe molding

Upstairs hallway after

Delicious shoe molding completed…and, wait…what’s that I see?  Wait, didn’t that vent used to be white?  Go ahead and look – I’m not stopping you!  Very perceptive, my young padawan.  When we had the white-ish/creamy carpet in this upstairs hallway (go here to see some shudder-inducing before photos) the floor vent was painted white and sort of receded into the carpet with no muss, no fuss.  But as soon as we finished up the cork flooring (which has brown-ish/red tones in it), that white floor vent stood out like Britney Spears at a MENSA conference and it was just screaming for a little makeover.  And it’s really nothing that a  little bit of $5 spray paint can’t cure (leftover from this spray-painting project from over a year ago, so this makeover actually ended up being F-R-E-E!).  It was super simple, too!  In fact, there were only 5 steps:

  1. Remove vent
  2. Give it a quick clean up (wet rag + dry cloth)
  3. Turn it over and paint the underside first – let dry

  1. Flip it over and paint the top – let dry
  2. Voila, you’re done!

…and since we’ve used this spray paint for over a year now on our towel holders, knobs, and faucets in our master bath with nary a chip in sight, we felt pretty confident that putting it on a floor vent (which gets some occasional foot traffic) wouldn’t be such a big deal!  And we were right!  It’s held up beautifully and looks just as good, too!  I admit, though, that this vent has no moving parts (it’s a return vent) and if it did, I might feel differently about spraying it on a vent that had wheels and pulleys, but that’s just me.

…and what about those shoe  moldings?  Let’s just say that Dr. J is pretty awesome and managed to take his time (per my request to just “take it easy” this summer) and just worked on that as he had the opportunity – hey, I’m all about putting my hubby to work, but after our laundry reno earlier this summer, we definitely needed a break!  And I think he did a fab job – check out his handiwork here:

…and for those of you who have ever cut shoe moldings/baseboard, then you know that my hubs did a pretty good amateur job!  Hey, I’m proud of him!  And even though it took us two months, I’m happy to report that we didn’t stress one bit having houseguests galore over this summer with and without shoe molding installed.  Lesson learned, ladies and gentleman – enjoy life, and NOT a perfect house.


11 thoughts on “Cork floor Redux

    • @The Handyguys –

      OMG, that’s a new one to me! I *love* it! And, yes, caulk is magic in a tube! LOVE caulk!


  1. OK, the Britney Spears/MENSA comment is a classic. Kind of like Matthew McConaughey being the guest speaker at a PETA ralley? Beef, it’s what’s for dinner!!

    Seriously, tell Dr. J nice work on the quarter round. And I’m sure he was cursing the 4 cuts per corner and the little piece instead of just the standard 2 cuts!!!

    • Amen, brothah!

      I didn’t show you the REALLY ugly corners either – i.e. the corners that were so damned difficult he really WAS cursing! It was a good thing he did this over the course of two months as opposed to trying to get it all done in one weekend – would’ve been much more difficult!


  2. Looks awesome L & J – Our house is so weird….we have quarter round in some places, but not others….small detail that drives me CRAZY…but also such a complicated task that I hesitate to ask the hubby to finish it out….wife request + hubby doing it = very cranky household;-) Like you said….enjoy life…not perfect house….still working on that one.

    • Yea, I don’t get that either. Our house has *no* shoe moldings any other place – not even on the downstairs faux-wood floors! One of our longer term projects is to add it in later when we re-do the floors on the first floor….which is still a longer term project away…le sigh!

  3. I have to tell you….

    I just GOOGLED Pottery Barn Clara Rug and guess who’s blog popped up 6th down the page….. YOURS!!!

    I was so excited to see my friend’s blog pop up RIGHT THERE and I knew you’d want to know about it!

    Kuddos to your blog!

    • Duuuuuuude……that’s crazy amazing!!! Thanks for sharing! But don’t worry – we’re really not famous. Nobody knows our names… least, I don’t think they do….*wink*wink*…

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