Hurricane Earl? Who’s that?

Well, I may have fooled you (or you may have figured it out because it was so gosh darn quiet on the blog last week), but Dr. J and I took a (very-much-needed-and-overdue-by-about-five-years) vacation to the Outer Banks last week!  Oh, and that Hurricane Earl?  Who dey?!!  In fact, the only telltale sign that he came through and dumped buckets of rain was the fact that the pool water was a tinge cool the first few days….are ya jealous?!  What’s hilarious is that I took over 500 pictures, but when you’ve got the camera, you find that you take very few pics of yourselves!  We were too busy cooing over our ridiculously cute (and rambunctious!) two-year old nephews (we call them The ‘Phews for short).  Check out some of this eye candy (and I have not Photoshopped any of these, so what you see is what you get!):

Ahh….I miss those sunsets!  But it’s good to be back sleeping in my own bed….


3 thoughts on “Hurricane Earl? Who’s that?

  1. Those sunsets were sweet; were they not? Thanks for taking all the great pictures that you did. And it was sooo good to see you and Dr. J!!!

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