HGTV, you are redeemed…

Dear HGTV,

I know it’s a week or so late, but I have to seriously tell you how much I completely heart Emily Henderson’s new “Secrets from a Stylist”

I was partial to Emily from Day 1, mostly because she was from Portland, Oregon orginially and after the genius that was Dan Vickery coming in second last year, I felt that the Pacific NW was due for its time in the spotlight.  And while I think you screwed up the formatting of the show all year (teams do NOT good designers make) such that we were only able to see the full talent of the designers when it was down to the final three, you were much vindicated when I saw this:

….and even this (same room, different take – more 60s-Mod):

…and, that is how we come up with inspiration to decorate our rooms….and I thank you for that!


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