Pillow Mania

I’m a big wimp when it comes to pillows.  There, I said it!  I am the world’s biggest wuss when it comes to patterns and paisleys.  Well….let’s just leave the paisley out of this conversation.  Paisley is still a little hugover from her mid-90s over-indulgant bender…But our family room could seriously use a dose of pattern and color (a project I’ve been meaning to tackle since before we moved into this house).  Enter Home Goods, two graphic patterned pillows, and just the right injection of blue and green which this room has been craving for quite some time!

Aren’t they just adorable?!  And they’re filled with down and not that synthetic poly fill stuff, so they just feel so cushy and amazing and expensive, even though they were only 20 bucks a pop!  Loves, loves, luuuuuuuuurves them!  Now if only we could do something about that bland Pottery Barn rug….hrmmm…..more on that later…


5 thoughts on “Pillow Mania

  1. They look great! I love adding patterned pillows becuase I’m too much of a wuss to add pattern to most larger surfaces.


    • Amanda –

      Couldn’t agree more! Pillows are definitely “low commitment” as far as that’s concerned! Now if only they weren’t so darned expensive…hrmm….


  2. I love the plop of color in your room- Those pillows are gorgeous and isn’t ‘Home Good’ the most wonderful discovery ever?? I yearned for some lanterns from ‘Pottery Barn’ and guess what? found similar ones at Home Goods for $20- sooo happy. I have spent tons of money getting pillows at Pottery Barn- have now found that ‘Crate and Barrel’ is slightly cheaper- if only I could afford more- sigh!!

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