From here to there and back again – a tale of a TV stand

Ahhh….love them.  Hate them.  No matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to get rid of our TVs.  And whoever said that the internet would kill the Television?!?  Just like video killed the radio star, right?

A few weeks ago, I told you all about how my hubby, Dr. J, built this incredible TV stand with his own two hands!

Our TV stand accessorized in our old house

…and when we lived in Ohio it housed our old 27″ Sony hundred pounder TV – and, yes, that thing does weigh a hundred pounds!  I guess there is *some* good that has come from flatscreen TVs!  But when we moved cross country to Portland, Oregon we rented a house and then later purchased a house that both had “built-in” TV areas and we had no need for a TV stand.  So it kind of just sat in our office in the rental for a year and then another year in the office at the new house until we *finally* decided that the current set up in the Room of Requirement just wasn’t functional enough for us the way it was:

…so we changed it to this…

….and now we have more of this…

….and while it’s not pretty (OMG, still need to paint, buy bedding that doesn’t have holes in it, organize the bookcases, hang artwork, etc, etc), it’s very functional now!  We actually have a place to sit and watch TV/play video games as opposed to sitting on the floor – fun when you’re thirteen, not when you’re thirty!  And we have an additional guest room in a pinch – which comes in handy when you have gaggles of familials coming to visit like we are this coming weekend!  Whoo to the hoo!
Stay tuned later this afternoon for the announcement of the Giveaway!!!  Thanks to everyone who participated!!!

3 thoughts on “From here to there and back again – a tale of a TV stand

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