Freshly Pressed? Why, sank you, Doctor!

Holy hot tamales, Batman! There I was Friday morning, minding my own business after having published a thrown-together post about an old TV stand that Dr. J made back in the “days of yore” when BAM!!! I start getting all of this traffic, all of these comments, and I can barely keep up because things are just coming in so fast! Exciting, sure! But definitely not what I was expecting for a lazy Friday working from home (especially a Friday the 13th!!!)…and why did this happen, you ask?? All because Tell’er All About It was featured on Freshly Pressed!!!

Holy hot tamales! That's us!!!!

Ok, for those not in the WordPress know, Freshly Pressed is a little like’s daily brag sheet. My publisher is WordPress (love them, love them, love them!) and they choose eleven (11!!) blogs/day from across the WordPress community (over 300,000+ blogs!) chosen based on content, visuals, writing style, etc to be featured each day. In fact, you can read about how they pick the different postings by clicking here. I dunno how they found my post, but gosh darnit, they did, and we were bustin’ at the seams all day Friday and most of the weekend because of my post about telling Pottery Barn to go eat their hearts out (and I mean that in the kindest possible way…). I should probably thank Matthew Perry/Chandler Bing’s mug for stirring up the cosmos simply because he’s famous-er than me and I’d probably click his face too given the opportunity. Ummm…..awkward….moving on….

But seriously, I just need to give a flat out high-five thank you to WordPress for stirring things up around here! Thanks a bunch! I’m so humbled and honored!! I’d also like to welcome any newcomers to my little slice o’ life on the blogosphere. If you’re new, check out the About Us tab above to see more about who we are and why we are here writing this blog. You could easily classify this webpage as Home and DIY webpage with a little sprinkle of humor mixed in for good measure.

Thanks a bunch, WordPress+community! Love ya to bits!

Pssst….don’t forget to sign up for our Giveaway from yesterday!  You have until Monday at 7am to get in on the random drawing!!!  You can go the drawing by clicking here!!!


3 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed? Why, sank you, Doctor!

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