Flowering our walls…

Bare-as-a-baby’s-behind walls….are about to be….JAMMED!

Sooooo tired of empty walls in our house and always on the lookout for something that isn’t a square frame to throw up there just to jazz it up a little.  Enter these darling Wallflowers by Umbra, which I found for a steal on Amazon.com.  Only where to put them…..

Our Guest Room, while swanky, has a few bare walls and with all of the heavy architecture and molding in the room, I thought it’d be a good idea to try something very neutral (i.e. white!) and whimsy on the opposite wall to the beadboard.  So here is basically how we did it….

Testing out a sample "blob" on the bed....

Using painter's tape to test out the "blob"

Makin' holes - there's no turning back now!

All done....with perhaps a wee bit o' tweaking in our future!

So it ended up turning out more quail-shaped than I expected, but we’re absolutely pleased with it!  The best part is that the Wallflowers kind of “snap on” to the nails and spin, so you can go into the Guest Room and just spin, spin, spin like a record….bad pun, but whatever.  C’mon – it’s SOMETHING on the walls!!!  Isn’t it time to celebrate!?!?


4 thoughts on “Flowering our walls…

  1. I have seen these flowers at Target and BBB and they look great! Nice idea…I am thinking of doing something in our office as we have a blank wall…looking for ideas to make an ‘art gallery’ look for Eli’s stuff from school…still thinking of ideas of how to accomplish it. Another solid job by the Tellers!

    • Nick –

      Rotating art walls are so important when you have wee ones! Definitely think about some sort of clothesline where you can hang the art or even think about chalkboard paint (it’s magnetic!) and repaint it your office color walls so that it matches the same color (it won’t affect the magnetism!). Could be a fun place to hang alphabet letters, too! Let me know if you need any other ideas!!


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