Blog-i-ver-sa-ry Week! Happy Birthday, House!

It’s been one year since we closed on our house!  Which means it’s time for a little bit of reflection….

It’s been one year since we crazily decided to put in an offer on *this* house – the very same weekend I was prepping for a major examination that damn near killed me.  I think the stress of the test sent me over the edge and I “came to Jesus”, so to speak.

It’s been one year since we walked through this bland, boring, and uninspiring house with its unhooked plumbing, uninstalled sink, nil appliances (which we had to purchase from the get-go) and falling-off-the-wall microwave and thought, “Yup!  This baby’s ours!”

It’s been one year since the “stars aligned” for us to take possession of this foreclosed reject in a nice neighborhood with two parks close by and a whole bunch of eyesores.

Dear House, with your leaking gutters, holes in the walls, shoddy caulking, leaky windows, stinky and stained carpet, grease-covered kitchen cabinetry and tape stuck to the floor where the previous owners desperately tried to cover up all of the damage done to the baseboards and filthy builder’s grade painted bland walls – we still bought you because *we* knew you could be beautiful

You were ugly, that’s for sure.  You were a 4-year old house that looked like it had lived through ten!  A photo will go unpublished of me looking at this walk-through in revulsion the first time we saw it.  But we kept thinking back to you and we saw potential where others saw “maintenance nightmare”, achy backs, and dozens of gallons of paint.  This house definitely had its detractors (still does!), but there were a few things we just simply couldn’t find anywhere else…

Mt. Hood from our Master window....hazy in the hot summer of '09

We loved your big kitchen and your beautiful view!  We loved your three (3!!!!) walk-in closets, your upstairs laundry room, and your quiet-as-a-whisper street in the quiet neighborhood closer to the city.  We loved that we could take Maggie to the P-A-R-K without having to put her in a car (or jump into a ditch or walk on a busy road in order to get there) and, more importantly, that we could add a fence to our backyard to improve our dog’s quality of life as well as ours!  We loved that all of the houses across the street were custom “model homes” and ours was definitely the zit on the street.  We loved that you weren’t the biggest, the most expensive, or the strangest house on the block.  You were juuuuuust right….perfect for a little Botox!  We loved that you fit into our budget and could give us a “project” to keep us busy.  And most important of all, we loved that you were definitely a fixer that nobody else wanted and nobody else had loved….

And dear house, you have been a *lot* of work.  But you’ve been worth it!  And I love you more today than I did a year ago.  I knew I would learn to love you in time (and ensuing backaches, headaches, blood, sweat and tears – oh, and bruises, too!).  Baby, you’ve come a long way.  And we’re not done with you yet….not even close….so don’t get too comfortable….there’s lots more to come….

We love you, house!  Happy First Birthday!  Thanks for keeping us busy 🙂


8 thoughts on “Blog-i-ver-sa-ry Week! Happy Birthday, House!

  1. Happy house anniversary, Tell’er All About It!!! Can’t wait to see your beautiful house and the results of all of your hard work in person!! BTW, I’m uber impressed that it’s only been a year…we’ve been in our house for three and probably accomplished half the work 🙂

    • Jessica –

      Haha! Well, I think we had much further to go than you guys did!! hehe!! Thanks for the congrats! I can’t believe it’s been a year!!


  2. Thanks for the post! It helps as my husband and I go though the scary house buying market. Spending all that money just to buy something that needs to be fixed! Thanks!

    • Lisa –

      YOU are welcome!! It’s certainly a stressful time but it’s amazing how it all works out in the end! Don’t be afraid to buy a house that needs a little love – it’ll love you back in return! Though it *doesn’t* ever give you massages….why is that?!?! 😉


  3. We used to live in the Portland area (West Linn & Lk Oswego) so I love to read about the place. I miss Mt Hood like crazy (altho we had lived there 3 weeks before it cleared up enough so I could see it!) Your house looks beautiful and you have a Mini!! Me, too! Just found your blog and am really enjoying it.

    • Hi, Martha –

      Thanks for stopping by! Alas, the Mini was our realtor’s….le sigh! I love them, though and very nearly considered buying one. I did used to drive a Beetle, though, so that should tell ya plenty about me ;-). Add us to your reader and keep comin’ back!! We love readers 😉


  4. Congratulations J & L, not only for “engineering” (couldn’t resist, it’s in the family genes) the amazing transformation in such a short span of time, but also for having the market savvy to choose wisely; to design and implement changes within your means and to do so with a sense of adventure and a much needed sense of humor to get you both over the rough spots! We are so proud of you 🙂

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