Blog-i-ver-sa-ry Week!

Can you believe it?! As of this Friday, July 16th, we have owned this house now for *one*whole*year*! And what’s even nuttier is that I’ve been writing posts on this blog for *one*whole*year*! Don’t believe me?! Check out this link for some cringe-worthy writing! Things have certainly changed in the one year since we moved into this house and began remaking it from top-to-bottom and we are uber-stoked to have come this far! So I thought in celebration of this mini-milestone that it might be high-time to sit down and do some reflection on der ol’ blog-in-stein and our dear chateau. So this whole week is going to be a party of sorts! Break out your party hats and sparklers and let’s have some fun!!

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But first, I thought it’d be important to share a few bloggy milestones and numbers:

  • Over 122 (now 123!) posts since we started this here blog on July 16, 2009! Boy, would I love to write more – it’s that whole work thing…gets in the way… šŸ˜‰
  • Over 38,000 individual views of this page since a year ago!
  • 331 individual comments posted to the blog (…but I could always use s’more!)
  • We’ve created 4 videos related to our home adventures, which you can watch here.
  • Our readership started with around 330 views/month in August of ’09 and has increased to a whopping 4,400 views/month in June, 2010. We’ve been really lucky to have a healthy increase in readership every single month since December of ’09! Whoop-tee-whoo!
  • We’ve been featured on lots of *other* design and home blogs throughout the interwebs, including this post, this one, over here, here again, and the big doozie of a shout-out on one of the top blogs in the world, according to The London Times, happened back in November and gave us a huge boost in readership that we’ve been soaking up ever since! Seriously, the day we were featured on, we received over 8,000+ views in one day! Talk about a serious boost in readership! I think the day before we *maybe* had about 30 views…? We were glowing for weeks after that one! Still are, actually…
  • Somebody (3 mysterious people) lovingly nominated us for Apartment Therapy’s Best Home Design blogs of 2009. I mean, for shiz? Seriously?!?! We were ver-klempt. And if you were a part of that lovely trio, a serious thank you goes out to you! *Blushes*. Of course, we didn’t win, but who cares?!? Being nominated was enough for us!

But most important of all, we’ve just had a ton of fun creating our own little niche on the interwebs! Probably a little more so me than Dr. J – I often have to drag him to the computer to write. But I’m a Chatty Cathy and could write for years without feeling the least bit bored or as if I’ve even got half of my thoughts on paper. You sure can’t measure satisfaction and pride with a yardstick, but if you could it would be at least THIS BIG! No, seriously – BIGGER!!! I love writing this blog and I love sharing all of our little mishaps and (mis)adventures with all of you glorious people :-).

And then, lastly, I just have to thank YOU…no, YOU! The one in the back….who hasn’t commented or said anything this whole time. The one with the funny hat! I’m talkin’ ’bout YOU! Hey, I love YOU, too! You’re the best! All of you! Thank you for carving out a few minutes of your day to read about the ramblings of a stranded Ohioan in the land of Oregonians. Thank you for giving me your support, your readership, and, most importantly, your inspiration. I can’t tell you how many blogs I have on my Google Reader (it’s a lot!) and I gobble them up each and every day like a kid on Christmas Morning! I am so inspired by all of the do-it-yourselfers out there who are just doing their best to make their homes magnificent on a dime. Keep the inspiration a’comin’!

But You Tell’Us! Tell’Us about your blog or just a little bit about who you are and why you’re here! In fact, here’s a little survey for ya! Just copy and paste this little form into the comments section below and tell’me a little bit about yourself!! Inquiring writers want to know!!

  • Who are you? Male/Female? Age? Homeowner? Renter? Married? Single? Any kids? Pets? Do you have a secret nickname?
  • What keeps ya comin’ back? Is it my quirky/wry/dry sense of humor? Pictures of Maggie? Before & Afters? Good ideas? Bad ideas?? Dude…why do you read us anyway?!?! I like my writing, but it’s probably because I’m a total megalomaniac…(don’t comment on that, please)
  • What are your favorite types of posts & why? Do you like the “It’s not easy being green” segments? What about Before & Afters?
  • What advice do you have for us to make Tell’er All About it even more delicious in year #2? More bacon, less fat? More fat and less bacon….dude, why would *any*body want that?
  • Anything else you want us to know, or just gotta share with the world? This is the perfect place to introduce me to your wonderful blog/website/Etsy shop and give me *more* delicious eye-candy to feast my eyes upon!

So stay tuned this week! We’re gonna do some reflection on where we’ve been, how we got here, and where we’re going! We might even have a little time for the big LAUNDRY ROOM REVEAL. I’m tellin’ ya, lots of anticipation on that one!!!


5 thoughts on “Blog-i-ver-sa-ry Week!

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  2. My name is Cynthia, I am a female… Hehe of course with that name. I am 28. I am a homeowner. I am single with two kids and a cute little goldendoodle. I live in the pacific northwest.
    I love your before and afters. Your sense of style, your ability to make it look your own!
    My favorite type of posts are all of them however I have recently been enjoying your it’s not easy being green posts. I am really working on reducing my ” carbon footprint” what ever that means specifically. It seems like it can have so many meanings to different people. I am attempting to reduce my trash output, my energy intake, and working on more efficient water output.

    I heart etsy, homegoods and tj maxx!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

    • Hi, Cynthia!

      Thanks for stopping by and trolling through our archives. We too are trying to live a “greener” life. We’re definitely not perfect, but I think the *trying* part is half the battle! Especially in America where “a life of convenience” makes us the most wasteful just because of where we live. We’re trying to buck the trend, though it’s pretty hard! But thanks for all of your kind words and keep coming back or friend us on Facebook for more up-to-the-minute updates!


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